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Master Research Fair: Let's Talk About Your Thesis!

This new HSBA event promotes a selection of high-quality research projects of our Master students. This marketplace-style event further facilitates knowledge exchange, in-depth discussion and professional networking.

At HSBA, the thesis is the heart and core of our Master study programmes, combining a series of academic and research skills with practical insights. We are proud that our Master theses not only apply rigorous and systematic methodological skills and processes but generate insights, which can be translated into managerial implications or feasible advice to firms, authorities, industry branches or policy makers.

Because of this, we would like to

  • celebrate our research excellence
  • give our best Master theses the recognition they deserve and
  • demonstrate to our network and partners how such research can contribute to improving business in a variety of ways.

We are therefore pleased to invite you to our first

Master Research Fair: Let's Talk About Your Thesis
7. November 2019, 6.00 pm
HSBA SQUARE Innovation Hub

The event entails a short elevator-pitch style presentation and an academic poster session, which will be followed by a drinks and snacks reception. In a relaxed atmosphere you may engage with professionals and academics interested to learn about how empirical research findings can be applied to a business context.

Please register for the event with our registration form below.

We would be very pleased to welcome you at the HSBA reserach fair and we look forward to a memorable, enjoyable and thought-provoking event. We want to show you what makes us proud!

Yours sincerely
Prof. Dr. Inga Schmidt-Ross (Vice President Academic & Managerial Education, Quality Management), Yasmin Guillén-Lange (Senior Programme Manager) & Dr. Michael Schellenberg (Associate Lecturer)