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Digital Week: Responsible Business (Insight)

Seminar - Digital Week 2019

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Managing with responsibility - is that possible? As part of the workshop, you face the challenge of what a sustainable business model can look like.

The workshop will be accompanied by Dr. Ing. Delia Schindler (Tchibo), who as a Sustainability Manager conveys valuable input from her company and additional practical examples. The main objective is to show how sustainability can be implemented in one's own business.

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Jose Saldana
Co-founder and managing director 
Impact Hub Candidate Hamburg

Jose is an impact-driven individual with thorough expertise developed at leading companies (i.e. Prokura, Vestas Wind Systems) in six different countries, combining consulting and industry experience. Being specialized in business consulting and operational excellence he just co-founded the Impact Hub in Hamburg, a place that supports people in using their potential to create a sustainable positive impact through community, entrepreneurship, and innovation.


Boris Kozlowski 
Co-founder and managing director 
Impact Hub Candidate Hamburg  

Boris has a background in business engineering and a proven track record in various functional areas (i.e. controlling, innovation management) of internationally operating corporations (i.e. Essity, Airbus). Complementing the founding team of the Impact Hub in Hamburg he strives to increase the positive impact of entrepreneurs, start-ups and traditional corporations in Hamburg.


Impact Hub:
Impact Hub is the world’s largest community (16,000+ members) and accelerator for positive change. With 100+ locations across five continents, in more than 50 countries, it has the local start-up communities needed to fuel and mobilize amplified innovation. Impact Hub builds communities for impact at scale.

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