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Digital Week: LEAN Startup (Insight)

Workshop - Digital Week 2019

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Customers expectations change, international competition grows, new products have to be developed faster. Experience the Lean Start-Up method up close!


Ralf Leister (Otto) shows you how to develop a prototype for a product or even a business model with the simplest means. You will be surprised that sometimes all it takes, is the right method.

The workshop will take place in German only.

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In this seminar you will gain insights into the most important concepts that make startups successful. The concepts, methods and thoughts can be transferred to your professional environment - regardless of your position and employer.


About: Ralf Leister works full-time as a senior consultant in the Otto Group. In addition, he has also set up the largest football business blog in Germany and works as a host & speaker and prepares startups for important pitches. 

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