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Digital Week: Blockchain meets A.I. (Insight)

Workshop - Digital Week 2019

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New technologies such as blockchain or artificial intelligence are endangering entire industries. How can we use the opportunities offered by these developments for our own business model?


We will show you how blockchain technology and artificial intelligence can be used in companies. The seminar will be accompanied by Prof. Peter Scholz (HSBA) and our partner NXI.

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What is artificial intelligence and how can it be used in companies?


  • Classification of A.I.
  • Differentiation between A.I. and machine learning etc.
  • Use cases in companies
  • Software to try out etc.

NXI is a Hamburg-based digital company that offers holistic solutions from consulting to software development andintegrated services.

Vadim Rusakov: Founder and CEO of NXI. Previously over 6 years as a project manager in the aviation industry and 8 years as an independent consultant.

Vincent Marburger: CEO at NXI. Founded several digital startups from idea to exit. Cooperation with leading venture capital companies and business angels.

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Vadim Rusakov, NXI
Vincent Marburge, NXI
Chirstopher Nigischer
Prof. Dr. Peter Scholz