HSBA in Times of Corona

Latest Information on Measures Relating to Teaching and Working at HSBA in Response to the Current Situation

What regulations currently apply to universities in Hamburg? Are there still face-to-face courses taking place and what can I do if I would rather attend courses from home? You will find answers to these and other questions on how HSBA is dealing with the coronavirus on this page.

Due to the dynamic developments, further decisions and measures are possible. Therefore, please check the updates on this website regularly and follow the communication in the teams channels.

FAQs for Students and Prospective Students

+++ Update: Extension of online teaching +++

As of now, the EK Automation Library on campus is open for self-study again. +++ All courses will continue to be held exclusively online until furhter notice. +++ A stricter mask obligation applies in all rooms of the HSBA, i.e. at least so-called medical masks such as OP masks, or masks of the type FFP2 or KN95/N95 must be worn. +++ The mask must also be worn while writing the exams. +++ A negative rapid test is not a prerequisite for taking exams, but can be taken free of charge at the new Rapid Test Centre Mitte, directly on the HSBA campus: 


Do the courses currently take place online or in attendance?

Until furher notice, all Bachelor's and Master's courses will be held exclusively in digital form. This is in accordance with the current ordinance of the Federal Government and the Hamburg Senate. Students can participate in all courses via MS Teams from home. Exceptions to this are written and partly oral examinations.  

Are there special hygiene regulations at the HSBA?

HSBA has developed a hygiene concept based on the framework hygiene concept for Hamburg's universities, which bundles all measures. The entire campus may only be entered with a medical mask such as an OP mask or a mask of the type FFP2 or KN95/N95, which can only be taken off when seated in a lecture. In addition, everyone has to ensure that the minimum distance to other people is at least 1.5 m. Disinfectants are provided in the entrance area and in all seminar rooms. All rooms and rest rooms are cleaned and ventilated several times a day. Persons with acute respiratory diseases are not allowed to enter HSBA. Posters within the building explicitly point out the rules of distance and hygiene.  


Is a negative rapid test a prerequisite for taking on-site exams or entering the building? 

A negative rapid test is not a prerequisite for taking exams or entering the HSBA. However, all students currently have the opportunity to be tested free of charge at the new rapid test centre on the HSBA campus at Willy-Brandt-Strasse 75 - which we strongly recommend. Even if the result is negative, all existing hygiene measures for entering the building apply (AHAL formula). You can book an appointment here: 


Do you need to gather my contact details?

The contact details of all persons staying on campus have to be recorded (e.g. via participant lists or time recording). Unauthorised third parties cannot gain knowledge of the contact data and data protection is guaranteed at any time.  


How will I be informed if a fellow student is infected?

As soon as the university is informed of an infection, the contact persons are determined in close cooperation with the public health department. The university immediately informs all those affected via all available channels and reacts with appropriate measures (e.g. immediate switch from presence to online lectures) so that potential chains of infection can be stopped.


Is the Service Office open?

The HSBA building is currently closed to the public. The Service Office is staffed daily and can be reached by phone Monday - Thursday, 7:45 am - 4:30 pm, and Friday, 7:45 am - 3:00 pm, at 040 822160-910. If you have individual issues that require you to enter the building, please contact us in advance.


Is the Examination Office open?

The HSBA building is currently closed to the public. In principle, you can reach the Examination Management by telephone or e-mail and it is staffed daily. If you have individual issues that require you to enter the building, please contact us in advance 


How and where are exams conducted?

If possible, examinations are held in person. Students have the option of cancelling individual or all examinations before the start of the examinations by email at In view of the incidence of infections, the HSBA is tightening up hygiene precautions and extending the obligation to protect the mouth and nose: with a mask i.e. a medical masks (OP masks or masks of the type FFP2 or KN95/N95) must also be worn while sitting at the seat during the writing of examinations. Oral examinations and other examinations can also be taken online. 


Are there still excursions or semesters abroad?

Semesters abroad and excursions are generally possible but only in close consultation between HSBA and the students and in consideration of the current situation and the applicable regulations. 


Is the library open?

The EK Automation Library, dependance of the Commerzbibliothek at Willy-Brandt Straße 75, is open for self study again (Mon- Fri 8.00 am - 9.00 pm) on a limited basis. Via an app ("Lernflächen"), which is available on teams, students can book a study desk in advance. A current negative test result (max. 24 hours old) must be presented at the Service Office on the 7th floor before entering the library. Current hygiene regulations apply: Keeping your distance and wearing a medical mask (also at your desk) are mandatory. 

Please check the current opening hours of the Library of Commerce (Commerzbibliothek) at Adolphsplatz 1 here.


Is the Peter Möhrle Lounge open?

Unfortunately, the Peter Möhrle Lounge cannot be used as a recreational area because it is currently used for courses due to its size.   


Can I use the common rooms of HSBA for self-study or for study groups?

The EK Automation Library on Campus is open again for self study. For more information pelase see above. All other common rooms and study desks are currently closed until further notice to avoid mixing studygroups and years.  


I have tested positive for Covid-19, have symptoms of illness or have had an encounter with increased risk. What should I do?

Please do not come to HSBA under any circumstances but contact our Service Office directly by telephone or e-mail (040 822160-910,  


I belong to the risk group and cannot attend the events on site. Who can I contact?

In this case, you do not need to participate in events on site. Please contact our Programme Management (Bachelor: Volker Rossius, Master: Katrin Schramm)