Friends and Sponsors

The Association

The Association of Friends & Sponsors (Verein der Freunde & Förderer der HSBA e.V.) was founded on 8 April 2010 in the Handelskammer City Campus. The objective of the association is to progress HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration to become one of the leading private business schools by expanding its links to business, its international contacts and student initiatives. Examples of the latter include a rowing team, which competes against Jacobs University in Bremen each year, a debating club, a team that takes part in national business simulation games, a band, a basketball team and a women's soccer team.

Goals and Activities of the Association

It is the aim of the Association of Friends and Sponsors at HSBA to further develop HSBA to one of the leading private business schools by further expanding activities with the Hamburg business community, with international contacts and student initiatives. The work of the Association is diverse and comprises all aspects and areas of university life.

Selection of Aims and Goals of the Association

Scholarships for taking part in exchange programmes, excursions and summer schools

Offering of scholarships especially for particularly high-performing students as well as co-financing of the "Deutschland Stipendium" of HSBA

Awarding of non-cash prizes for special commitment of students during their studies within the framework of the Graduation Ceremony

Subsidisation of national and international conferences and symposia for HSBA professors

Subsidisation of student projects and committee work especially for the social committee, the sport committee and conferences organised by the students

Own events and the Fundraising Dinner with top-class speakers such as Kai Diekmann, Dr. Dieter Zetsche, State Minister Joachim Herrmann or Peer Steinbrück

Linkliste: Auszug studentischer Initiativen

Words of the Chairman Ian K. Karan

The more than 40 founding members elected the Hamburg-based entrepreneur Ian K. Karan as Chairman of the association.

"I am delighted with this new task, because supporting new talent is a matter close to my heart and I firmly believe in HSBA's concept of dual courses of studies."

The model of combining business practice with academic teaching greatly enriches Hamburg, he said. He also said that he is especially impressed by the high level of sporting, musical and voluntary involvement of the students, who find time for these activities despite their busy timetables.

Impressions: A Tea with Friends - Autumn 2019

For the first time, the Association of Friends and Sponsors of HSBA organised a tea with friends to which all members, teachers, professors, employees as well as interested company representatives were invited. In a relaxed and British atmosphere, the Peter Möhrle Coffee Lounge was the perfect place to exchange ideas, praise and criticism on the development of HSBA while enjoying some delicious scones and tea.

A great opportunity to get to know each other better and learn more about the Association of Friends and Sponsors. At the end of the afternoon everyone agreed: This afternoon will have to be repeated next year!

(Photos: Judith Heise)

Impressions from the Annual Reception - Spring 2019

At the Annual Reception of the Association of Friends & Sponsors (Verein der Freunde & Förderer der HSBA e.V.) our numerous guests, including members of the association, students and company representatives, had the opportunity to meet and discuss with the renowned journalist and former anchorman of the Tagesthemen, Tom Buhrow.  

Buhrow started off with taking a look to the US where for several years now Donald Trump has been using the media to drive the division of society. With interesting examples he showed up parallels between the Old and the New World making clear that in five to ten years Germany could be facing similar social challenges as the US. But with this in mind, what is the role of public service broadcasting today and why is it still relevant and important? Tom Buhrow made clear the importance of an independent provision of information to all people in one country as a means of social cohesion. The need for trustworthy news from an independent public service broadcaster in his opinion is larger than ever and holds the potential to further “glue” the society together. A truly impressive evening with a lot of food for thought for all guests!

We thank all participants and members of the association for the active participation and their support. Special thanks go to Senator Ian K. Karan, Chairman of the Association of Friends and Supporters of the HSBA e.V., for his introductory words and the enthusiasm with which he advances the further development of the HSBA.

(Photos: Marcus Bräunig)

Impressions from the Fundraising Dinner 2018

(Photos: Nassim Ohadi)

Impressions from the Fundraising Dinner 2015

(Photos: Jana Tolle)

Fundraising Dinner 2015

''Premium companies need premium staff'', said Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler AG - Mercedes-Benz at the fundraising dinner of the Friends and Sponsors of HSBA on 25 March. As companies are becoming more international, they need more global players on their teams. In a certain way, Zetsche can understand why most Hamburg graduates prefer to stay in their hometown after their studies, but he wouldn’t want to have missed out on his work experiences in Argentina, Brazil and the USA. To Hamburg students he said: “There are also nice beaches in foreign countries. I think palm trees instead of containers wouldn't be such a bad thing.”

Overall HSBA’s international set-up made a very positive impression on Dieter Zetsche. Concerning the idea that the education of the future should be global, dual and digital, he praised HSBA: “Hamburg’s lighthouses are not only on the Elbe – there is also one at the Alsterfleet. HSBA belongs to the greatest and brightest towers of Hamburg’s educational landscape.”

We are flattered by this compliment, but most of all it is a big motivation for us to face the challenges of the fast-paced, global and digital future.