HSBA Alumni Association

HSBA Alumni Association

Our time at the university provides us with knowledge for our profession and colleagues, with whom we have spent this important time in our lives. People with whom we will always have this in common and therefore friends who accompany us throughout our lives. The HSBA Alumni Association is the bond that binds all former students of HSBA and the "Wirtschaftsakademie Hamburg" into a worldwide network. HSBA alumni exchange ideas, celebrate, expand their horizons, help each other and support their alma mater, in which the club has an eight percent stake.

Each member enriches our connection and all former students are welcome in the

"Home of Friends" – Friendship is an integral part of the HSBA Alumni Association.

As friends, we all participate in network meetings and share our knowledge with friends and students. Membership is straightforward and cheap - sign up right here or contact Judith Heise

Why not also visit our platform? Visit here:  alumni platform

Via Facebook we communicate all important information and invite you to our events. You can find the Facebook page here: Facebook page

XING mainly is used for the professional exchange. Here it is easy to stay on track with everyones career path. You can find the XING page here: XING page

Members of the HSBA Alumni Association

Membership Benefits

The HSBA Alumni Association organises events for members twice a year: these are the Alumni Homecoming Event over the rooftops of Hamburg in the summertime (always the last Saturday of June) and the Alumni Christmas Event at the end of December.

The association also provides its members with an online register of members that includes members’ contact details as well as information on master’s degrees, job offers and other activities.

The annual membership fee is EUR 20.

Membership benefits at a glance:

  • Free access to the HSBA Alumni register of members 
  • Invitations to interesting political and business events 
  • Invitation to the annual Alumni Homecoming Event and Alumni Christmas Event 
  • Networking at relaxed social gatherings in the heart of Hamburg 
  • Valuable professional and personal contacts
  • 25 % discount on HSBA's Executive Education offerings

Board Member of HSBA Alumni Association

The alumni board management comprises members from all years of graduation and manages the association. It meets once every quarter to organise the activities and events and develop the association going forward. Management would be delighted to hear your suggestions and ideas for the future of the association!

Current overview of HSBA Alumni Association Board Members as elected on 24th June 2017

  • Chairman of the Board: Svenja Köster | HSBA '07
  • Co-Chairman of the Board: Minou Tikrani | WAH '82
  • Co-Chariman of the Board: Dr. Uve Samuels | HSBA
  • Member of the Board: Hauke Welp | HSBA '09
  • Member of the Board: Stefanie Lübke-Dreyer / WAH 91
  • Member of the Board: Dr. Alexander Neunzig | HSBA
  • Member of the Board: Tonda Oberbacher | WAH '88
  • Member of the Board: Mats Brandt | HSBA '15

Manni, the mouse for strategic shopping 


The Haspa branch of the future radiates a living room atmosphere. The basic idea behind it: the customer should feel at home. Now the concept is to be transferred to all Haspa branches. At the roll-out, Svenja Köster is working at full speed. She has always set a target in mind: "A light branch may be closed during conversion for a maximum of seven days." An ambitious goal that suits Svenja Köster. When asked where she would like to be in five years, she answers spontaneously: "at the top - the purchasing management."

Her conviction that she should not be afraid to think big is also evident in her commitment as chairwoman of the Alumni Association. She wants to use the HSBA alumni to generate new ideas in design thinking workshops, develop a new mission statement and develop the Alumni Association into a valuable network partner. In addition, she strives to eventually all in the Alumni Assocication duzen. This would mean that the members of the HSBA Alumni Association, for example, would say "Alexander" to Otto Group CEO, because Alexander Birken is also a member of the HSBA alumni association.

"My time at the Business Academy had a strong influence on me, today I feel very attached to the HSBA", says Minou Tikrani and is therefore on the board of the HSBA Alumni Association responsible for the former students of the Business Academy Hamburg, or WAH for short. Their mission is to ensure that their membership number WAH-001 is followed by many more, currently there are 30 WAH students - "with about 1000 graduates, there is still room for improvement". The 1982 graduate sees the HSBA Alumni Association literally as "Home of Friends": "It starts with the fact that we all know each other and ends with the fact that we support each other. In between are fun, exchange, memories and insights."

Minou Tikrani studied architecture at the Business Academy after completing his dual studies. After graduating, she still hadn't had enough and completed an apprenticeship as a journalist at the Axel Springer School of Journalism. After five years at Hamburger Abendblatt, she founded Konstruktiv PR-Beratungsgesellschaft mbH in 1992 and has been managing partner of the agency for acceptance communication ever since.

Today Minou Tikrani is strongly committed to the education of young people: as a member of the Education Committee of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, as a mentor at the HSBA, in the board of trustees of the HSBA and in the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the HSBA. Why is her education so important? "I see it as the key to most of the problems we have, for the future of mankind and because I have two daughters.

As financial controller and accountant at Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg's only DAX company, Mats' main tasks include interim and annual reporting for the consumer goods manufacturer. A widely networked network in the global corporate functions, but also with financial colleagues all over the world, is of great importance in mastering these tasks. Report generation and reporting require a permanent exchange with internal and external stakeholders. This is one of the reasons why he appreciates the large network that students at HSBA already develop during their studies. Maintaining and expanding this and the community is the motivation for Mats' commitment to the board of the Alumni Association:   
"During my studies at HSBA, I learned one thing: the student community is the most valuable asset and a unique selling point of our university. That's why, together with newly found friends, I have worked intensively on the further development of this community and actively participated in numerous events, study trips and sports events. It is important to me to keep the community together even after the active study time". 
The tasks of Mats on the board of the Alumni Association therefore include the integration of new alumni, yearly meetings for the cohesion of the community and other events.

Hello from Canada – Stefanie is a new member of the board. After her time at Holstenwall she went to Japan. With a scholarship from Carl Duisburg Centren and the EU Commission, she spent six years in Tokyo learning about Asian culture and studying International Management at Sophia University. After an adventurous stay of two years in Cambodia, she returned to the Hanseatic city, where she studied presentation technology and media presentation. In addition, Stefanie is a graduate of the International Journalism Centre of the Danube University Krems in Austria and, according to the title, an academic expert on TV journalism. The versatile journalist has also worked as a presenter for 15 years. In 2013 Stefanie was selected for the mentoring program of the German Journalists' Association. Since September 2018 Stefanie is part of the renowned "Fellowship in Global Journalism" program of the renowned MUNK School of Global Affairs & Public Policy at the University of Toronto in Canada. In addition to her involvement in TV, she also produces magazine articles and reports for radio and moderates at conferences, trade fairs and events. She is also happy to advise her clients on the conception of event formats and to contribute her experience in cross-media marketing. Since January 2019 Stefanie is also digital ambassador to Toronto for Hamburg@work. What others say: http://www.stefaniedreyer.com/testimonials

"The business academy gave me the best possible training for my professional life, so I was able to compete fully with every business graduate on the job market immediately after graduation. I sought contact with the HSBA management from the school’s inception, maintaining this contact over the years with the aim of giving HSBA students and alumni something in return for our know-how, life experience and our network, and to give the WAH alumni a home in the HSBA". After graduating from the WAH in 1988, his professional career has taken him further and further south within Germany to Lindau in Lake Constance, and internationally to the USA, India and almost all countries in Europe. Among other things, this experience of successfully carrying out internal programme projects with limited resources in other countries and their foreign languages and own cultures in matrix organisations, and passing these on to HSBA alumni, is a matter close to his heart.

“Already at the WAH it was a concern of mine to connect students across courses and to help organize BASFs (BlockAbSchlussfeier). I later combined the joy of this with my beginnings on XING, where I successfully built a global WAH group with over 900 members. We are working on making the HSBA Alumni Association attractive for this group as well.”

Tonda Rolf Oberbacher experiences every day in his international, intercultural workplace between Switzerland and Russia at SAP that networking with people is in his blood. There he is responsible for training the partners in the area of Intelligent Spend Management (Ariba, Fieldglass, Concur), from recruiting to the development of go-to-market campaigns and support of demand generation activities. "There I am challenged every day to create an optimal balance of interests in the interest of the company and the partners and, where necessary, to help develop creative new approaches to business models with limited possibilities and to accompany their implementation.”

A network for success

As controller of a medium-sized Hamburg rating agency with two major global corporations as shareholders, Hauke remembers every day how helpful a functioning network is. Be it through a professional exchange with colleagues in similar positions or the opportunity to brood over problems and find innovative solutions in an interdisciplinary manner. With the right tools, every elephant can become a mosquito. And should this not be the case, such an elephant can at least be shouldered much more easily if a few hands are still involved.

For this reason, Hauke is involved in member coordination and communication and takes care of the Alumni Association's presence in the social networks as well as its own alumni portal. The Alumni Association should establish itself as a permanent contact point for graduates of our university, where they can find contacts, sparring partners or recommendations at any time. Among friends you should always have a hand open to help.

Good Old Days

The HSBA Alumni Association organises events for members twice a year: these are the Alumni Homecoming Event over the rooftops of Hamburg in the summertime (always the last Saturday of June) and the Alumni Christmas Event at the end of December. Also interesting events are organised such as a presentation on "Trade in disruptive change - seven theses of successful transformation" by CEO of the Otto Group Alexander Birken. These are always special events!