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Library of Commerce Overview

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Library of Commerce

The Library of Commerce is also the university library of the HSBA. It is the oldest economics library in the world and covers the general areas of economics, social sciences, trade law, tax law, economic law, foreign law and arbitration procedure. In addition, there are the fields of training and further education, politics and history, environmental questions and everything to do with the European Single Market.

The Library of Commerce also provides statistics, annual reports, corporate commemorative volumes and lists of members of German chambers of commerce abroad, as well as more than 350 regular newspapers and magazines.

In total, the Library of Commerce has more than 200,000 media, including numerous electronic media and databases such as DBIS, EBSCO, Kompass, Statista and WISO.

Insight into the Commerzbibliothek

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The Collection

The collection of historical items (14th to 19th century) consists of atlases, marine charts, travelogues, items of local interest and the main Hamburg newspapers and periodicals from the 18th and 19th centuries.There is also literature about coins, weights and measures, regional geography and shipbuilding, government and political science, maritime law and international law. Since 2008, the historical collection has been part of the Hanseatic Industrial Archive, and these items can be consulted on request in the reading room.

The reference collection in the reading room contains about 4,000 volumes for daily use, including all kinds of reference books, collections of commentary and court rulings, selected journals and the most important daily and weekly newspapers. All items in the library's repository can be consulted in the reading room, including historical items. The facilities include a coin-operated scanner and photocopier, a microfilm reader, five computer workstations and a Wi-Fi connection.

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The online catalogue (OPAC) records all the books in the Library of Commerce. Searches can be carried out according to title, author, corporation, heading, number or any combination of those. The online catalogue shows the current lending status of each book and registered readers can also call up their user account with their reader ID via the OPAC.

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In addition, the Library of Commerce enables its readers to access quickly some electronic databases such as DBIS, EBSCO, EZB, Kompass, OECD, Statista and WISO and to carry out convenient online searches also from home. With the help of the authentication system Shibboleth, it is possible to access the literature of selected databases in full text – from any location in the world and at any time.

Textbook Collection

In the HSBA building in the street Alter Wall, the Library of Commerce has installed an annex for HSBA students with individual desks and group rooms. The textbook collection, with the most important works relevant to the courses of study, is available on a strictly reference basis. Thus, the single books cannot be borrowed and can only be used on the premises.  

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