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DI-Lab @ HSBA Overview

Jörg Meyer


Face the digital changes in our spin-in centre for new business models and prepare your company for the challenges of a competition driven by innovation.


More and more companies are looking for new business models and solutions in order to benefit from the chances digitalisation has to offer. A dynamic environment, innovative technologies, new competitors and a high customer transparency are the trigger for radical changes. For existing companies the development of their own innovation potential presents a great opportunity. A spin-in “corporate garage” approach is the key for remaining competitive and to counteract the replacement due to new market entrants for established firms.

Generally in daily business there is not sufficient time or room for undisturbed new, creative thinking. That is why with the DI-Lab HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration offers an inspiring environment to push innovative opportunities within a separate project team. The placement in the lab, the support and the moderation as well as content-related support by HSBA professors and mentors form an optimal atmosphere to shape the change in your company. From developing to prototype testing, our DI-Lab is the suitable partner. HSBA can also be a support with the implementation in the company and revert to its broad competency network.

HSBA is the Business School in Hamburg and cooperates with more than 250 partner companies in dual and part-time study courses. Next to business-related study courses and research activities, we offer targeted seminars for specialists, executives and decision-makers. As a scientific university with a high application orientation it can provide the transfer from the university into practice. In combination with the spin-in concept, HSBA therefore is a unique institution.

Digital Transformation

The dynamic and the extent of change are shown in the disruption map. The shorter the "Lunte" (fuse), the earlier the change and the bigger the "Knall" (bang), the more relevant the dimension. See for yourself how your company is affected by the digital transformation:

USPs of our DI-Labs @ HSBA

1. The University as Supporter of the DI-LAB @ HSBA

  • State of the art transfer from science into economics through professors and lecturers from the network of HSBA
  • Wide seminar offering with university certificate
  • Involvement of students in projects of their cooperating companies
  • Connected to the study courses on "eBusiness"
  • Supporting research on digitalisation by our doctoral students in the Claussen-Simon Graduate Centre
  • Integration into research projects of the university
  • Generating different user views through the diversity of international students at HSBA
  • Networking with international partner universities
  • Public funding possibilities

2. Intersectoral Orientation of the DI-LAB @ HSBA

  • Competencies for several sectors
  • Transfer of knowledge and networking of sectors
  • View beyond the horizon

3. Spin-In

  • Create a start-up atmosphere in your company
  • Digital transformation of existing companies
  • Developing new business models