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DI-Lab @ HSBA Offers

Jörg Meyer

Our Offering in the DI-Lab @ HSBA

The SQUARE HSBA Innovation Hub at the Adolphsplatz in line with the town hall and Hamburg Chamber of Commerce is the home to HSBA and the DI-Lab. The lab is located in the centre of Hamburg between politics, economics and science.

Our "Creative Space" is especially equipped for creating innovative concepts such as design thinking, mind mapping and brainstorming. For the actual digital development work and the work in the project teams, the "Working Space" provides the ideal surroundings. In the SQUARE bistro – Oeter Möhrle Coffe Lounge – even the break can be used to be creative and it supports communication and relaxation. 

In cooperation with the service areas of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, there are numerous cooperation opportunities:

  • IPC: Innovations- und Patentcentrum
  • IKS: Innovations Kontakt Stelle
  • CoBi: Commerzbibliothek

Project Phase in the DI-Lab @ HSBA

For projects on the digitalisation of the business it is all about speed. Our offering is very attractive as project results are achieved very fast. Away from the daily business and disturbing meetings, the team can fully concentrate on the development of the new business model, the design of minimalistic prototypes or the testing of new ideas. Due to the weekly presentations of the project progress, a high speed is achieved and problems are quickly identified.

Workshops and Seminars in the DI-Lab

Workshops to structure your needs as well as flexible, bookable seminars compliment the projects in the lab.

All seminars and workshops in the DI-Lab can be found here.