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DI-Lab @ HSBA Mission

Jörg Meyer

Digital Innovation Lab (DI-LAB @ HSBA)

The DI-Lab of the HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration as a unique transfer institution combines current scientifical findings in an application-oriented university with the innovation of digital business models in a company. As a spin-in centre "Corporate Garage" it deliberately puts its emphasis on "internal start-ups" to integrate new business models within an established company.

Room for Ideas

The DI-Lab @ HSBA offers Hamburg companies a creative environment and open spaces to further develop and generate innovative business models and processes. Detached from the current operating activities, new perspectives can be taken.

Knowledge for Change

With the support of HSBA's professors and external experts, entrepreneurs, executives, employees and dual students analyse actions required in the DI-Lab @ HSBA, design and test ideas and accompany the implementation process with the help of methods and tools.

Live Agility

To deal with unpredictability and complexity rather than wanting to control it, the joy of developing and the strengthening of communication and trust are the credo of the DI-Lab @ HSBA.

Impressions from the DI-Lab @ HSBA