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The committee HSBA Innovation sees itself as a diverse team of students which works together with students, professors and university management to successfully develop HSBA going forward. Our projects are relevant for students of all academic years. HSBA Innovation aims at implementing innovative ideas in a professional way and in uncompromising quality. We appreciate feedback of our fellow students and you, the students, are more than welcome to join or support our team in projects, which you are in favour of.

Our Objective and Our Successes to Date

The aim of our cooperative approach is to create a win-win situation - on the one hand by creating lasting added value for HSBA and ont the other hand by ensuring the further personal development of the students, who take part. Currently our success includes for example the creation of special prices for students and the initiative for HSBA's new communication platform "HSBA Connect". Our next projects include the improvement of the WBÜ offerings and language courses. Additionally we aim at further developing the Studium Generale. Here we focus on the number of registrations and actual attendance numbers.

We are looking forward to your support!
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