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The programme consists of the following six modules. The kick-off event will take place at HSBA in Hamburg, the first three modules will be carried out by the ESADE Business School in Barcelona. The modules four to six take place in Hamburg.


The Kick-Off module has the following goals:

  • Participants define individual learning plans and form learning teams
  • Learning tasks are shared and mapped according to the course content
  • Final preparation for the stay in Barcelona

After the Kick-off everyone is well prepared for a valuable learning journey and the transfer of new knowledge and experiences into the personal business role.

The modules one to three take place in a full-time week at the ESADE Business School in Barcelona. The detailed content including schedule can be found here.

  1. "Knowing Yourself" – Building your Personal Profile based on your Strengths, Motives and Core Competencies
  2. "Knowing Others" – Ideas and Tools for a Practical Stakeholder Mapping
  3. "Challenges Leading in a Sandwich Position" – Introduction of Experienced-based Leadership Methods and Tools
  4. "Proper Generation Management via Positive Leadership" – Using Successful Leadership Enhancements to Manage Different Generations in Disruptive Times Within Your Company
  5. "Individual & Corporate Wellbeing" – How to Focus Pragmatically on Individual and Corporate Wellbeing to Secure Lasting Corporate Health
  1. "Foresight" – Understanding Global Megatrends and 21st Century Skills
  2. "Mindsets" – From Strategy to Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurial Thinking in a Corporate Context
  3. "Evolution" – Reinventing Organisations and Empowerment through Self-Organisation
  4. "Corporate Culture" – Challenge Agility and Learning from Failure and Start-ups
  5. "Responsibility" – Managing with Purpose, Stakeholder and Value-Based Leadership
  6. "Transformation" – New Work and Changing Organisational Dynamics
  7. "Design Thinking Challenge" – Working with Iterations

After five modules and valuable input, module six will focus on: Creating Future Value!

Participants will:

  • Define operational actions to further use their knowledge,
  • Create a personal development plan and
  • Prepare and hold a convincing pitch/talk


Dr. Frank Edelkraut
Executive Partner, Mentus GmbH

Short Profile:
  • Expert in organisational and leadership development
  • Certified Consultant for Extraodinary Leadership
  • TED speaker coach

Wolfgang Scherer
Holder PosLead Management- & Manager Consulting

Short Profile:
  • Organisational Consultant, Executive Coach, Psychological Counselor
  • Certified Consultant of Positive Psychology

Mike Fischer
Leader of the english-speaking focus: International Business Administration and Trade

Short Profile:
  • Hartfish - 21st Century Skills for Business and Education, Founder, Consultant, Coach, Motivator, Facilitator, Educator

Lecturers ESADE

Prof. Dr. Xavier Busquets, Professor of Management Information Systems, Academic Director Global Immersion Program
Prof. Dr. Jan Brinkmann, Professor of  Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Prof. Dr. Luis Vives, Professor of Strategy and General Management
Prof. Katharine D’Amico, Professor of Corporate Pitching
Prof. Dr. Marc Torrens, Professor of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Marco Bertini, Professor of Digital Marketing
Prof. Franc Carreras, Professor of Digital Marketing
Prof. Eloi Noya, Professor of Capital markets and Fintech

Please click here for further informationen about the lecturers of ESADE.


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