Retention Management

Seminar Profile

HSBA kindly invites you to its workshop with the topic Retention Management. Please be aware that this workshop will mainly take place in German.

If a qualified employee leaves the company it can get expensive. Due to productivity loss and the time it takes to find a new candidate, the loss can cost a company between three to five annual salaries on average. Indirect repercussions for the clients and the work atmosphere are not even taken into consideration.

Therefore it is important to know:

  • which poisition your company takes with unwanted fluctuation
  • which employee groups should be taken into focus
  • which strengths and weaknesses as well as chances and risks are apparent in the company
  • which case-specific measurements can be taken to improve staff retention

First answers are worked on in this workshop at HSBA.

Facts on the Seminar

Contact hours 4,5
Participants HR Managers and Executive Managers that want to learn more about staff retention. We recommend to take part in the workshop as a duo (HR Manager and Supervisor) in order to discuss different perspectives.
Language Workshop: German, Keynote: English
Head Prof. Dr. Daniela Eisele and Prof. Dr. Barry Friedman
Costs 450 Euro per participant. If you take part as a duo you will receive a 25% discount. The same discount applies to partner companies and HSBA alumni.
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