Project Management


Seminar Profile

In this seminar, participants learn the scientific methods of project management and how to avoid typical mistakes.

Participants learn to apply project management methods on a case-by-case basis and understand the advantages and disadvantages of the individual tools and techniques in different project situations.

The seminar first provides an overview of organisational framework conditions in project management and across project stages. The fundamental definitions, defining features and project phases are explained. Lastly, the project objective is defined and a situational analysis is performed.

Project planning tools as well as project management and monitoring are dealt with in detail, while project completion, reporting and documentation are also covered.
In addition to these general project standards, an additional special focus is placed on avoiding typical mistakes in the management of projects. This is done by raising participants’ awareness of aspects of stakeholder management, cost control, time management, the accompanying communication and quality management. Last but not least, the seminar covers matters relating to risk management, personnel planning and management as well as procurement.

Facts on the Seminar

Contact hours 40
Language English
Head Dr. Khashayar L. Khazraei
Costs 1.450 Euro
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