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Management 4.0 Overview

Seminar Profile

One of the most important tasks in the management of companies has always been to adapt the organisation to the constant changes in competition, to the changing demands of consumers and to new socio-political and technological conditions. But never before have the changes in the economy and society been as fundamental, as fast and as impactful as they are today: Businesses are confronted daily by innovative digital media, tools and processes as well as an enormously increased expectation of consumers and employees.

This Executive Programme Management 4.0 will teach you in six modules, which methods and instruments make successful management today. Focusing on current opportunities and challenges arising from digitalisation and demographic change, in order to secure the long-term success of your company.

Target Group

The Executive Programme Management 4.0 is aimed at anyone who wants to refresh their management knowledge in order to prepare themselves and / or their company for current and future challenges. It also suits you when you first encounter management responsibilities and are looking for a programme that addresses current management challenges.

University Certificate

The participants then receive a university certificate with 12 ECTS credits. At the end of the programme, the participants will present their project results to a jury of experts in a final BootCamp and answer the questions of the experts.

Facts on the Seminar

Contact hours 120
Language German
Head Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Merkle
Costs 5.900 Euro
Degree University Certificate with 12 ECTS
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