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The programme also consists of the following six modules. In addition to these modules, the participants work in teams on the projects they have put together themselves. These will be finalised in the concluding intensive BootCamp and presented to a critical expert jury.


  • How is Digitalisation Changing the Strategy of Companies (Keyword: Hypercompetition)?
    - How are Customer Requirements and Demand Behaviour Changing?
    - What Change are our Competitors Implementing?
    - What Influence do Technological Innovations have?
    - Which Growth Potentials can be Derived?
  • Which Strategic Questions does a Company have to Answer?
    - Concentration on the Existing Strategic Position?
    - Adjustment of Existing Strategic Position?
    - Go for new Strategic Positioning?
    - What Consequences have to be Considered?
  • Which Business Model Approaches and Business Model Innovations should be Considered?
    - Which Benefit Promise does the Customer Receive?
    - Which (Key) Resources are Necessary?
    - Which Core Processes have to be Developed or Expanded?
    - Which Yield Model is used?
  • How do Companies Create a Successful Transformation?
    - Which Fields of Action Should be Considered?
    - Which Success Factors Characterise Successful Transformations?
    - Which Mistakes should be Avoided?
    - What does a Pragmatic Transformation Roadmap look like?
  • What is Company Management?
  • Strategic and Operational Management
  • The Responsibility of the Company: CSR Approaches
  • The Organisational Design
    - Factors Influencing the Structural Organisation
    - External and Internal Parametres
    - Typical Challenges Associated with Growth
  • The Dynamics of the Organisation
    - Decision-making Processes
    - Teams and Working Groups
    - Power, Politics and Conflicts
    - Management of Change
  • The Agile Company
  • What Role do Marketing and Sales Play in the Overall Business Policy?
  • What Recent Developments in Business and Society Require a New Approach in Marketing & Sales?
  • How do Companies Deal with the Clearly Changing Consumer Behaviour?
  • How to Shape the Marketing/Sales Policy in this Environment?
  • Discussion of the Consequences (e.g., Changing Skills) on Organisational and Process Organization in Marketing and Sales
  • The Basics of any Transformation: Purpose, Design, Skills, Leadership
  • How do I Identify Needs for Change and Derive Effective Measures from them?
  • Modern Tools and Methods of Impact-driven Change - What can we Learn from Digital and Agile Transformation?
  • How can Large Groups Quickly be Put into Change?
  • Every Change is a Story - Leading with Storytelling
  • Preparation Pitches and BootCamp: e.g.
    - How to Pitch
    - Storytelling
  • The Big Challenges in the Context of Leadership 4.0 - An Overview
  • Employer Branding and Recruitment: What has Changed in Finding Qualified Employees?
  • Employee Potential and Performance: Changed Job Profiles and Colourful CVs
  • Requirements and Management of Generations Y and Z: What is Changing?
  • Retention: How do I Motivate and Hold my Performers?
  • Unlimited work vs. Working in Fixed Working Time Models and Leadership over Spatial Distance
  • Transformation to Lead in Agile Structures
  • Work-life Balance and the Mental Health of the Team
  • Managing Ongoing Change: How do I Take the Teams and Convince the Employees?
  • Which Communication Tools Help Concretely?

The participants work on (real) projects in small teams. These can be the development of new business ideas, the new or further development of services, products or processes. The projects are either generated from the group of participants or introduced by HSBA.

Over the course of these three labour-intensive days, participants will receive input on different methods over and over again. These are then already applied in these projects. Methods to be learned and applied:

  • Design Thinking
  • Visualisation and Storytelling
  • Project Canvas
  • Possibly Input to Kanban / Scrum


Dr. Frank Edelkraut
Executive Partner, Mentus GmbH

Short Profile:
  • Expert in organisational and leadership development
  • Certified Consultant for Extraodinary Leadership
  • TED speaker coach
Botsis Dionysos

Dr. Dionysios Botsis

Short Profile:
  • Many years of management experience in the financial industry and management consulting
  • Specialist in strategy development and transformation management

Maren Lehky
Consultant, Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker

Short Profile:
  • Many years of experience in the top management of various international companies
  • Expert for leadership, communication and change processes
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