Seminar Profile

Leading companies and employees successfully using methods and structured approaches based on current scientific findings.

In this seminar, participants discuss different theoretical leadership concepts and use practical examples to explore those concepts in more depth in order to master day-to-day business successfully and be able to react to complex framework conditions. The components of the seminar involve first looking in more detail at leadership and human resources management structures and situations. Based on this, participants familiarise themselves with and learn to adopt different roles and styles of leadership.

The seminar also involves learning appropriate communication techniques in order to interact and negotiate with employees, superiors and business partners in a way that leads to successful outcomes and, if necessary, to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner.

The seminar covers another component of successful leadership as part of the Diversity Management topic, which gives participants a tried-and-tested approach to emphasising employee diversity in a special way by means of positive recognition.


Born in Hamburg, Maren Lehky has a long successful career in management in well-known companies behind her, ending as a member of the Executive Board of an international company with more than 4000 employees. She has since owned and operated her own corporate consultancy in Hamburg (www.lehky-consulting.com) since 2002, specialising in management, communication and change. She is also the author of eleven books dealing with the subject of HR management, as well as being a columnist, coach, university lecturer and keynote speaker. This expert in leadership is a woman with practical experience who focuses on practical implementation, and participants are always impressed with her good humoured, practical and implementation oriented delivery.

Facts on the Seminar

Contact hours 18
Language German
Head Maren Lehky
Costs 1.290 Euro
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