Leadership 4.0


Seminar Profile

The working world 4.0 - What does it mean for leadership? Many new buzzwords are currently constantly being discussed: work 4.0, agility, management in the VUCA World. What do these terms mean and what does the workplace 4.0 imply for leadership? What needs to be new in your thinking and toolbox? For example, what would you do if your team consists of employees from up to four different generations and is always mixed again or distributed around the world? How do you motivate Generation Y employees?

Permanent change has become a part of every day life. Nevertheless, people react differently. Which emotions have to to be managed, which strategies are successfully managed by change, and which managers are successful? What influence does digitalisation have in its various facets? How does the role of leadership change, how do you manage constant availability, working in the home office or in new open spacse? What impact does social media have?

These questions are the ones that executives have to deal with today. The seminar provides impulses and new tools for your leadership toolbox. Compact and practical with space for your personal needs.

Target Group

Managers who are familiar with the basics of staff management (motivation theories, management styles,…) and who want to build on that knowledge to bring themselves up to date with the latest in leadership in a digital era

Topic Selection

  • The working world of tomorrow – Flash Points and Alternatives
  • Challenges for the world of the smartphone – what are the effects of digitalisation on our daily activities as managers and what strategies can you use to manage them?
  • Generation Y and Z – what expectations and values do they hold and how do you manage a range of generations in one team?
  • Constant change – what are the current insights for change management and motivating people going through changing situations?
  • Staff members in life crises – how to deal with the fact that key employees are working to or beyond their limits, and how to implement “corporate health management”?
  • My own life/work balance – how do you manage yourself to enable you to grow to manage the high expectations that you will face over the long term?


Born in Hamburg, Maren Lehky has a long successful career in management in well-known companies behind her, ending as a member of the Executive Board of an international company with more than 4000 employees. She has since owned and operated her own corporate consultancy in Hamburg (www.lehky-consulting.com) since 2002, specialising in management, communication and change. She is also the author of eleven books dealing with the subject of HR management, as well as being a columnist, coach, university lecturer and keynote speaker. This expert in leadership is a woman with practical experience who focuses on practical implementation, and participants are always impressed with her good humoured, practical and implementation oriented delivery.

Facts on the Seminar

Contact hours 9
Language German
Head Maren Lehky
Costs 790 Euro