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HR Management & Organisation


Seminar Profile

The seminar gives participants an overview of key models and concepts for increasing efficiency at individual team and organisational level and provides scope for discussion of those models and concepts.

Participants acquire a knowledge of the academic fundamentals of organisational behaviour and human resources management. Different organisational theory approaches and their effects on employee efficiency are examined.

The focus is on corporate culture and employee motivation as well as on matters of leadership and group-dynamic processes (also in an international context). The seminar also deals with corporate communications and the relationship between organisational structure and the structuring of change processes.

It delves into the core processes of human resources management, from recruiting and selection to employee development and remuneration. Special attention is paid to gearing these processes to the corporate strategy.

All topics are dealt with using real-life examples and case studies that are discussed within the group.

Facts on the Seminar

Contact hours 40
Language English
Head Prof. Dr. Barry Friedman
Costs 1.450 Euro
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