Process Management


Seminar Profile

Planning – implementing – monitoring: Making correct use of information on own business processes.

After a detailed look at the objectives and activities of the company, the seminar examines in depth the planning and modelling as well as the verification of business processes, along with a consideration of different process architectures.

In the next step, participants consider the organisation of processes and the allocation of roles and responsibilities into individual process stages. As a further component of process management, the next stage covers process-oriented success monitoring, calculating process costs and enterprise process management.

The seminar concludes with a presentation of and more in-depth practice-relevant look at different technologies for supporting current process management in companies. The content taught throughout the seminar is subsequently examined in more depth and applied in practice from the perspective of different industries using case studies.

Facts on the Seminar

Contact hours 40
Language English
Head Dr. Khashayar L. Khazraei
Costs 1.350 Euro
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