Strategic International Negotiations

Jana Tolle

Seminar Profile

In addition to communication behaviour, international negotiations differ in terms of, among other things, the strategies used, the time and planning horizons, and the way in which decisions are made and by whom. Properly aligned with the strategy of the other side, global differences in negotiating styles can be used to your advantage.

Selection of Topics

1. Strategic Preparation

  • How do I prepare ideally for my negotiations?
  • How do I set my limits?
  • Is static or flexible planning more likely to succeed?
  • How strongly should I adapt my strategy to possible scenarios?

2. International Stage - Agile Negotiations

  • Screening the other side: discovering the background and weaknesses
  • How the different nations differ in their bargaining styles and which strategies they prefer to use
  • How to use this background knowledge to successfully develop counterstrategies

3. International Decision Patterns

  • Group composition & decision makers: who decides what when - ways to influence and how you can use this knowledge to improve your bargaining position

4. Hierarchy in Negotiations

  • In which regions hierarchy and status play a decisive role and what that means for your strategy

5. The Role of Communication and Trust in Negotiations

  • How do you successfully communicate your own positions?
  • Success strategies to gain confidence
  • How do you deal with aggressive negotiating partners?
  • How important is non-verbal communication?
  • How do I tell my counterpart that I disagree with his proposal?

6. Best Practice & Practice Transfer

  • Who makes the first offer?
  • Ask for more or stay within the framework?
  • How to use the final phase to get out even more
  • How can I quickly integrate this knowledge into my daily practice?

Target Group

International Buyers, International Sales Managers, CEO, International Managers, Branch Officers, Business Development Managers, Sales Directors, etc.


Raphael Schoen has been active in international technology and research worldwide for 15 years. He has worked in direct customer contact, but also through the management of sales representations and branches with people from more than 30 different countries, including, a. USA, Japan, China, France, UK, Russia and India.

He works as a Global Business Development Manager in an international company and is a lecturer at HHL Leipzig. Raphael Schoen studied economics as well as an MBA at the Handelshochschule Leipzig and Boston University with an emphasis on international management.

Facts on the Seminar

Time Frame 1 Day
Language German
Lecturer Raphael Schoen
Costs 790 Euro per participant. HSBA alumni receive a discount.

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