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Comprehensive marketing skills as a foundation for lasting business success – from market analysis to social media, this seminar gives an extensive overview of modern marketing methods.

The seminar starts with a definition of marketing objectives from both a functional and a corporate perspective. It continues with an introduction of the core aspects of strategic marketing, also demonstrating the influences of digital marketing as well as the resulting possibilities.

It covers the topics of market analysis, market segmentation and market selection as well as customer behaviour. The seminar provides an important tool for marketing in the form of a subsequent practice-based introduction to the topic of market research. In addition to data collection and analysis, a special emphasis is placed on interpreting the data and the recommended courses of action derived from the data.

The seminar then devotes itself to the four classic pillars of the marketing tool kit: product policy, pricing, communication policy and distribution policy, providing in-depth contents and discussing current topics for each one.

Facts on the Seminar

Contact hours 40
Language English
Head Prof. Dr. Meyer-Hoeven
Costs 1.450 Euro

Annabelle Luther

Senior Programme Manager Executive Education
+49 40 822160 962

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Monday - Friday

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