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Ulrich Perrey

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Companies generate their growth potential from sales. Not infrequently, the export rate of the products is more than 50%. Only when their products sell well internationally can companies survive the ever-tougher competition and continue to grow. This is why international distribution in the company is of strategic importance.

In the international B2B distribution, the complexity of the sales processes already existing at the national level is an additional dimension. Approaches that lead to success in this respect can be ineffective in a foreign country or in the worst case even counterproductive. However, scientific studies show that there are patterns for systematic approaches that provide the basis for sustainable success.


1. How international customers differ

  • What different motivators exist that lead to buying decisions
  • How can I know who, what, when my customer decides?
  • Where do informal contacts play a role and where not?
  • How do you rate forecasts and incoming orders internationally correctly?
  • Where is it particularly worth investing in relationship building, focusing on your status and reputation and where not?

2. Fundamentals: Increasing your closing opportunities

  • How do I make the change of perspective "from the point of view of the customer"?
  • How can I create offers for higher prices?
  • How can I use the time orientation of the customer to increase my closing opportunities?

3. Efficiency in international sales

  • How do I qualify and classify customers?
  • How to identify and develop the strongest sales channel?

4. International sales architecture

  • How can I find new sales partners?
  • How can I make my distribution network more efficient?
  • Which personnel constellations make sense in international sales?
  • Which one should be avoided?

5. International communication strategies for sales success

  • How to communicate efficiently?
  • How do you achieve your goals?

6. Successful representative management

  • How to motivate your representative to peak performance?
  • What is the management of children's education?

7. Best practice

  • Competition and tendering
  • Proactive customer search through grid detection in sales

Target Group

International Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Export Manager, Country Manager, Regional Manager, International Manager, Sales Director and others


Raphael Schoen has been active in international technology and research worldwide for 15 years. He has worked in direct customer contact, but also through the management of sales representations and branches with people from more than 30 different countries, including, a. USA, Japan, China, France, UK, Russia and India.

He works as a Global Business Development Manager in an international company and is a lecturer at HHL Leipzig. Raphael Schoen studied economics as well as an MBA at the Handelshochschule Leipzig and Boston University with an emphasis on international management.

Facts on the Seminar

Time Frame 1 Day
Language German
Lecturer Raphael Schoen
Costs 790 Euro per participant. HSBA alumni receive a discount.

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