E-Business for Decision-Makers

Seminar Profile

This course not only teaches the academic and practical fundamentals of digital business but also shows which factors are decisive for the success and failure of a company.

The seminar explains the structures and different scenarios for using e-business and mobile business. An analysis of the internet bubble which burst in 2000 is followed by an examination of the criteria behind the success of e-business companies. The focus of the seminar is on developing an e-strategy and a corresponding business model.

Another area of emphasis is on managing customer relationships. The seminar looks at different aspects of data management, for example handling big data. Price management, managing digital sales channels, digital marketing & communication, social media marketing, targeting and search engine optimisation as well as marketing controlling and analysis are just some of the aspects covered.

The seminar also looks at the value chain in digital business, for example in the area of e-procurement.

The seminar concludes by examining aspects such as content management, the relevance of a robust IT strategy and matters concerning the organisation of the company itself – the implementation of an “e-organisation”.

Facts on the Seminar

Contact hours 20
Language German
Head Prof. Dr. Ralf Strauß
Costs 1.450 Euro
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