Ship Finance


Seminar Profile

Developing an understanding of methods and strategies in ship financing and ship management.

After an introductory discussion of the current political and legal framework conditions on the shipping markets as well as the strategic significance of the shipping industry, the seminar turns to ship financing and ship banking. Participants are given a more in-depth knowledge of different tools for ship financing and credit monitoring. The German KG model and similar models are examined.

After a practice-based examination of different relevant finance models and possibilities for competition analysis, participants turn their attention to finance-oriented risk management, both in general terms for shipping and specifically for ship financing. The seminar goes on to cover different aspects of fleet management including flagging and registration. The seminar concludes by teaching participants different aspects of technical management, with a particular focus on the topics of risk management, procedures for maintenance and ensuring the functioning of ships and the acquisition of ships. Case studies from practice are used throughout the seminar to apply the content taught in the seminar. 

Participants need to have a fundamental understanding of shipping and if possible practical experience within part of the sector.

Facts on the Seminar

Contact hours 40
Language English
Heads Prof. Dr. Max Johns
Costs 1.450 Euro

Annabelle Luther

Senior Programme Manager Executive Education
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