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Maritime Policy


Seminare Profile

It is the aim of this seminar to clarify the international maritime policy regime, the drivers and the decision-making processes, as well as to explore the impact of certain policies. In the end, participants will have gained advanced knowledge in the field of maritime policy.


1. IMO Conventions and Decision-Making Framework

  • UNCLOS III and the IMO Framework
  • Outline of the Main Instruments
  • Registration and Nationality of Ships
  • FSI/PSC Regime

2. European and Regional Policies

  • Links to Regional vs International Policies
  • European Transport Policy

3. Topics of Contemporary Interest

  • Notable Impact and Implications of the Instruments
  • Greening of Shipping
  • Maritime Security
  • Digitalization of Trade and Operations

Facts on the Seminar

Contact hours 16
Language English
Head Prof. Dr. Orestis Schinas
Costs 750 Euro
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