Maritime Law & Insurance


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What legal regulations have to be observed at sea? This seminar provides an overview of all major legal and insurance law aspects of shipping.

This compact seminar first explains the fundamentals of UNCLOS III. It takes a special in-depth look at English law and its application in the international shipping industry. It also discusses matters of responsibility and out-of-court dispute resolution. Legal ship-related issues are also examined.

The seminar discusses the matter of the legal form and the question of what register the ship must be registered in, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of the different alternatives.

The seminar then looks at limiting liability issues and at maritime insurance. It concludes with the development of this specific market and an overview of the standards of current insurance contracts in the maritime sector.

Facts on the Seminar

Contact hours 80
Language English
Head Dr. Carolin Schmeding, (Ehlermann Rindfleisch Gadow Rechtsanwälte, Partnerschaft MBB)
Costs 2.900 Euro

Annabelle Luther

Senior Programme Manager Executive Education
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