Maritime Business

Karin Rose

Seminar Profile

A compact overview of economic and political framework conditions in the maritime sector as well as an introduction to logistics systems and transport planning enhance decision-making skills in companies in the maritime business.

In an introduction to the maritime industry and maritime policy, the seminar discusses international trade interests and state interests and explains legal mechanisms for implementing individual regulations. Participants are taught the basics of maritime policy, such as internal maritime law, registration of ships and classifications. They also learn about the rights and obligations with regard to maritime and port safety.

The economics section covers the fundamental relationship between supply and demand on the shipping markets and on related markets. Specific phenomena are discussed and analysed using economic theory, for example the cycles typical in shipping.
The seminar concludes with an introduction to the topic of logistics management which outlines the different logistics systems and transport planning.

Facts on the Seminar

Contact hours 60
Language English
Head Prof. Dr. Orestis Schinas
Costs 2.175 Euro
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