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International Trade & Commodities


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This seminar provides a primer in the causes and consequences of international trade. It discusses current trade patterns and explains these utilizing models of trade theory and international economics. Furthermore, the seminar deals with trade imbalances and capital flows. It also briefly covers actual developments in trade policy as well as the role of nation-state politics in a globalized world.

1. Globalization - Trends and Facts of Trade

2. Microeconomic Foundations

  • Markets: Supply, Demand and Prices
  • Trade and Technology

3. Why Do Countries Trade?

  • The Ricardian Model

4. Trade, Capital Mobility and Exchange Rates

  • Trade Imbalances and the Balance of Payments
  • Capital Flows

5. Economic Policy in a Globalized World

  • Protection
  • International Economic Integration

Facts on the Seminar

Contact hours 16
Language English
Head Prof. Dr. Alkis Otto
Costs 750 Euro
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