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In the financial sector, technical terms such as bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, distributed ledger technology and many more have cropped up in recent years. With some terms one has a rough idea of ​​what is behind it, but well-founded knowledge is only known by few for example what effect they will have in the future on the financial market.

Blockchain is considered one of the most promising technologies and is more than just the database behind Bitcoin. With a blockchain, for example, the mapping of entire business models and companies in digital form is possible and much more.

Learn in this seminar what a blockchain is, how and in which areas it is applicable, whether cryptocurrencies really are money and what future opportunities these technologies open up to users. Our speakers explain the complexity of a blockchain and related technologies like Bitcoin.

Selection of Topics

Economy - What is Money?

  • A little story of Money
  • Functions of Money
  • The Value of Money

Technique - What is a Blockchain and how does it Work?

  • Underlying Problem: Global State
  • Digital Currency Based on a Blockchain on the Example of Bitcoin
  • More Cryptocurrencies and Other Applications

Economy - What does Blockchain Mean for the Economy?

  • What Kind of Asset Class are Cryptocurrencies?
  • Possible Economic Applications of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Peter Scholz

Professor Peter Scholz has been a professor of business administration since 2013 with a focus on banking at HSBA. Previously, he worked for more than ten years in investment banking and private banking as a portfolio manager at Deka Investment in Frankfurt am Main and as a derivatives trader and securities specialist at Deutsche Bank.

Lecturer: Dr. Lars Geiger

Lars Geiger has been with Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH since 2012. He is the Head of the Advance Development department with a personal focus on safe development methods and cryptographic procedures. Prior to that, he was the project manager responsible for the company's firewall products.

Target Group

Those interested in acquiring in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology. No previous knowledge is required to attend this seminar.

Facts on the Seminar

Contact hours 8
Language German
Head Prof. Dr. Peter Scholz
Date 7 March 2019
Costs 725 Euro
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