Corporate Finance

Stefan Malzkorn

Seminar Profile

Scientific fundamentals of corporate finance, valuation and decision-making methods.

The seminar teaches important basics and practice-based content in the area of corporate finance that is necessary for a deep understanding of the methods used on capital markets. In particular the seminar covers the interpretation and significance of key financial indicators for investment decisions. Participants first learn the fundamentals of corporate finance, for example how to analyse cash flow and calculate cost of capital.

Then the topic of budgeting is discussed. Students learn about the income approach, the effective interest method and depreciation and apply these using examples and case studies.

The seminar then explains finance approaches for determining equity costs and teaches participants about financing tools. The rest of the seminar is dedicated to risk management.

Facts on the Seminar

Contact hours 40
Language English
Head Prof. Dr. Peter Scholz
Costs 1.450 Euro

Annabelle Luther

Senior Programme Manager Executive Education
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Monday - Friday

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