Blockchain: Foundations for a New Digital Economy

Seminar Profile

What relevance will blockchain have for your industry? What are the right steps to use these influences as potentials? And when is the right time to take individual steps? The importance of blockchain technology is increasing rapidly. In more and more industries, blockchain experiences are collected and facts created. This seminar is designed to help you define your blockchain strategy.

Blockchain is said to have a significant impact on the future of the Internet. For the first time, this technology allows values ​​to be transmitted directly over the Internet without the need for intermediaries. In addition, Smart Contracts hold enormous potential for the automation of processes. The purpose of this seminar is to teach participants what all this can mean for business models and processes.

Selection of Topics

Blockchain Basics:

  • Distributed Networks: Introduction, Benefits, Challenges
  • Blockchain core elements: P2P, Digital Signature, Hash Values, Consensus
  • How Blockchains Work: Block Explorer, State Channels and More
  • Characteristics and Core Benefits
  • Blockchain Evolution: Ethereum and Smart Contracts, Other Relevant Public Blockchains

Blockchain for Businesses:

  • Blockchain Economics: Token Economics, Public/Hybrid/Private Blockchains
  • Private and Hybrid Blockchains: Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Ripple + Corda, Hyperledger (Focus: Fabric)

Blockchain in Action:

  • Tools for Blockchain in Business Development
  • Potential Use Cases
  • Presentation of Selected Use Cases

Lecturer: Frank Bolten

Many years of senior management experience in technology groups (Sony, Deutsche Telekom, Sharp), in recent years focus on digital transformation. Since 2015, specialising in the use of blockchain technology in the business sector. Founded CHAINSTEP GmbH in May 2017 - Motto: "We bring blockchain into the real economy". Based in Hamburg, industry focus: transport logistics and supply chain management.

Learning Objectives

The development of this programme focused on teaching three learning objectives:

  • Foundations and potentials of public and private blockchains
  • Know when, which blockchain model should be used
  • Tools for identifying particularly suitable use cases for blockchain projects

Target Group

This blockchain training was designed for business managers and employees who are responsible for business models and processes.

Facts on the Seminar

Contact hours 16
Language German
Head Frank Bolten, Founder, Chainstep GmbH & Jan Christoph Ebersbach, Blockchain Projektmanager, Chainstep GmbH
Costs 1.980 Euro
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