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Design Thinking Workshop


Seminar Profile

In times of globalisation and the "New Economy", innovation is becoming more and more important for entrepreneurs to survive in the global market and to open up new opportunities. Executives are open to these innovations, but often need an approach in order to quickly develop ideas, examine and implement them and thus develop the business model further.

Design Thinking provides the tools for the implementation in the workplace and the holistic view of the technical and social needs.

In this workshop, you will learn how to use the method design thinking in order to look at innovation development and thus to achieve a new customer focus. On the basis of practical examples you will find creative ideas and solutions and test them directly. We will give you a design thinking strategy and show you how to integrate it into your workplace.

Design Thinking is a systematic approach to complex problems from all walks of life. The approach goes far beyond the classical design disciplines such as shaping and designing. In contrast to many methods in science and practice, which address the task of technical solubility, user needs and needs as well as user-oriented inventions are at the center of the process.

Innovations and valuable problem solutions combine three essential components:

  • (Technological) Feasibility
  • (Economic) Load Bearing Capacity
  • (Human) Desirability

Design Thinking leads to innovations in products, services or even entire business areas. By critically examining the seemingly obvious, with Design Thinking one can create new, meaningful solutions that meet human and business needs.


Sonja Fritschi helps companies design organisations, structures and teams in an agile and flexible way. As a trainer, the balancing act between theory and practice is her great success formula.

Mrs. Fritschi is a certified SCRUM and Kanban master, as well as an outstanding expert in the field of design thinking and agile organisational development.


  • Führungspersonen aus allen Bereichen
  • Menschen, die neue Methoden zur Entwicklung innovativer Geschäftsideen lernen wollen
  • Leitende Funktionen aus Marketing, Vertrieb, Produktmanagement, Personal
  • Teams, die als Gruppe an Projekten arbeiten und mit neuen Denkansätzen relevante Produkte und Dienstleistungen entwickeln

Facts on the Seminar

Timeframe 2 days
Place SQUARE HSBA Innovation Hub, Adolphsplatz 6
Language German
Heads Sonja Fritschi
Costs 1.690 Euro; 25 % discount for alumni and 50% discount for students and trainees