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Jana Tolle

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A deficient process of change can become an expensive issue, both in human and in economical terms. To lead oneself and others through a comprehensive change process is a special discipline that requires knowledge, experience and competence.

This seminar is based on the change management concept ActeeChange®. This is a broad-based change technology that is designed to develop a greater awareness of what is needed in change projects, how to make informed decisions, and how to balance the leadership, management and how to constructively deal with resisting parties.

ActeeChange® is based on a unique technology, which derives its effectiveness from a number of different methods - on the one hand on a solid theoretical anchorage and on the other as an exciting tool for the practical training of executives.

Executives and employees are given the opportunity to verbalise their experiences with the change process and can thereby become aware of how they themselves can shape successful change processes.

Topic Selection

  • The development of ActeeChange® is based on a solid theoretical foundation and, at the same time, is a tool developed for the practical training of executives
  • With ActeeChange®, you will be able to learn within a realistic simulation to implement and to sustainably anchor your company culture and strategy 
  • We will show you the six characteristic phases of change processes and their importance for your organisation
  • You will learn eight steps to successfully shaping changes and you will know how and when you will shape them in the process
  • You will get to know three forms of resistance and their constructive approach
  • You will learn how to shape change processes so that you achieve the maximum success with speed and sustainability


    Frank Franke is an industrial engineer. While working at Shell, he successfully took part in a management programme. He later trained as a coach and earned the certification for several potential analysis procedures.

    The focus of the authorised ActeeChange® consultant lies in the design of change processes. In addition to projects in the fields of change management and organisational development, Frank Franke offers competence-based trainings and coachings for executives and teams.

    Facts on the Seminar

    Contact hours 16 hours
    Language German
    Head Frank Franke
    Costs 1,450 Euro
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