BootCamp 4.0: Building Your Digital Future

Jana Tolle

Seminar Profile

Regularly HSBA hosts a Boot Camp for Digitalisation. Participants will gain critical knowledge for digital processes.

From the creative phase in which the project idea is born, to questions of business planning, organisation of the project, to the pitch, where you have to face a critical jury, you will go through all the typical phases in a project.

Workshops on design thinking, business model canvas, app design and the agile organisation provide the necessary input in professional know-how. A coach accompanies you in the project phase and supports you with valuable tips for the project planning and the pitch.

Work is being done in the modern HSBA Lab with creative and co-working space. Free of the usual restrictions in the workplace, you can let your creativity run wild. Build your prototypes with leggins, plasticine, hand-made tools or even write your ideas on the walls!

Company representatives will also be able to report on their own experiences and will be able to provide you with Do's and Dont`s.

Exciting conclusion is the final pitch. Before a critical jury and guests you can present your project and ask critical questions about the business model, market opportunities and financing.

The week is intense and challenging. If you still have the strength after a long day, you can go and visit the Reeperbahn together to let the evening end.

At the end of the week, you have learned a lot, are happy about your pitch, and have perhaps convinced a company of you and the project.

Why should I participate?

If you already have a project idea in the back head and so far never had the appropriate framework conditions to implement it. In the BootCamp Digitalisation workshop, you get the necessary input and working conditions.

If you are interested in modern working methods or digitalisation and want to learn more about it. And who knows? Perhaps this knowledge will give you the decisive advantage in the next company-internal project or application process.

If you are before or during your studies or training and want to try out, if the working world is to become your professional future.

If you want to have an intensive learning and work experience and also want to meet new people.


  • Prof. Dr. Michael Höbig: Head of the DI-Lab @ HSBA, HSBA professor and consultant
  • Dr. Frank Edelkraut: Executive Partner of the Mentus GmbH and an expert for the agile organisation development, Mentor on the study course Executive MBA of HSBA
  • Dr. Axel Sommer: Managing Partner of SOMMERRUST and expert for Design Thinking and systematic Innpvation Management
  • Mike Fischer: Hartfish - 21st Century Skills for Business and Education, Founder, Consultant, Coach, Motivator, Facilitator, Educator

Please let us know should you be interested in the Boot Camp 4.0, we will provide you with all the necessary information.

Facts on the Seminar

Time Frame 6 Days
Participants Students, Trainees, Young Professionals with a project idea or with interest in digitalisation
Accommodation Participants from outside of Hamburg should calculate 30 Euro/night for a hostel or 100 Euro/night for a hotel.
Costs 895 Euro per participant. HSBA alumni receive the usual HSBA alumni discount.