Data Business

Data Business

Organisation’s data are increasingly recognised as one of the most vital assets of an enterprise. Therefore, it is essential to understand current aspects of data storage and analysis and their application. The profile “Data Business” prepares you to understand these concepts and to use relevant tools and techniques to gain information and knowledge out of data. You will learn how to build a database and use SQL-Statements to retrieve and manipulate data as well as understand principles of machine learning.  The profile also includes the usage of the programming language Python or R for data analysis and data presentation.


Prof. Dr. Kamyar Sarshar
Prof. Dr. Kamyar Sarshar
Academic Head BSc Business Informatics
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Data Business Seminars

Title Format Duration Description
Business Data Architecture Mindset 8 hours Learn about the basics of relational database management systems (RDBMS) and their limitations, how to build a database using Structures Query Language (SQL), the role of noSQL and Hadoop in big data architecture and the use of cloud computing and blockchain technology for data storage.
Principles of Data Mining and Machine Learning Mindset 8 hours Discuss the basic concepts of data mining and machine learning and evaluate the impact of data mining on business decision making.
Foundations of Data Analysis with Python Deep-Dive 16 hours Set up a Python programming environment and write, compile and run simple programmes using Python for statistical computing and graphics.
Data Analysis with Python in Action Implementation Workshop 32 hours Demonstrate the ability to analyse data with Python in practice. Analyse a given problem, define the requirements, setup and configure a Python programming environment and programme simple applications.


Morteza Alamgir

Modules: Business Data Architecture

Costs Digital Toolbox

  HSBA Students Trainees and external students HSBA alumni Executives
1 profile + profile certificate 1 profile inclusive, then 2.125 € 2.125 € 3.188 € 4.250 €
6 profiles + certificate CDO 10.250 € 10.250 € 15.375 € 20.500 €


In case of booking multiple profiles, of course, we will grant a discount. Furthermore, we can also create an individual offer for your company. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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