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Digitisation is cross-sectoral and affects all levels of a company. Traditional industries are  fundamentally changed and forced to adjust to remain competitive in the long-term.

However, the main potential is infinite potential, which can be grasped by Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Design Thinking. At interfaces between stakeholders, the loss of friction is minimised without harming creativity.

Everyone wants to be at the forefront in the process of digitisation. The Digital Toolbox @ HSBA supports you on the difficult way of digital transformation.

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Our Offering


The digital transformation of products and markets creates many challenges but also opportunities for existing businesses. The INTRAPRENEUR-Profile will focus on methods and skills necessary to support and enable innovative and possibly disruptive processes within existing companies, which cannot solely function as a start-up company but must also keep existing processes running and competitive.

Choose from the following seminars:

Design Thinking
Experiencing a mental block? With Design Thinking simply escape the usual thought process and finally let your ideas run free.

Lean Startup
Work like a startup: Conceivably simple and at the same time extremely efficient. A business idea, product or service is designed and brought to the market as quickly as possible.

Visualisation Techniques
Make information more easily comprehensible, understand your thoughts and expose essentials at a glance. Pictures say more than a thousand words!

Digital Strategy Profile

Digitalisation in its multi-faceted form offers many new business opportunities based on a variety of drivers of change and some fundamental powers of disruption. It also poses a fundamental threat to existing business models. The Digital Strategy Profile prepares you to understand, tackle and exploit the resulting business challenges and opportunities.

Choose from the following seminars:

Strategy Development for Digital Markets
Learn the strategic approach to digital market problems.

Platform Economy
AirBnb, Ebay, Amazon or Uber - platforms already influence our lives. Understand the strategy behind them and create your own universe.

Ambidextrous Enterprise
Promoting sustainable innovation while strengthening and improving the existing business model? No easy task for managing an organisation. We will show you how to meet both requirements.


Corporate communication must adapt to an increasingly digital and social media environment with new forms of communication, new user behaviour and new third-party intermediaries. The changes are fundamental and multi-faceted – to name just a few: from campaign-driven to continuous communication, from external asset production to in-house content creation, from structured one-way communication to permanent many-to-many relationship management, to creating owned and earned communication supported by bought media presence. Prepare yourself for this change in the Communication Profile!

Choose from the following seminars:

Integrated Corporate Communication
Control the orchestra of internal and external communication and meet exactly the taste of your target group.

Search Engine Optimisation & Advertising
Grab yourself the pole position! A perfect web presence will not only let you get started with Google.

Visual Storytelling
Everyone loves stories! Share traveling stories with engaging pictures, interactive graphics and exciting videos.

Social Media Advertising
A must in online marketing! Learn about methods and strategies to avoid being caught in the unimaginable mass of media.

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