Recruiting Excellence Manager

Recruiting Excellence Manager

Certificate course

How to successfully enhance competitiveness in the job market and create innovative recruitment

Recruiting Excellence Manager (Certificate course)

Course in six modules with university certificate

Personnel is the most important capital and currently challenges companies in their competitiveness. Only a holistic approach can reach, attract and retain suitable candidates in the long term: Understanding, designing and managing recruiting excellence from A to Z is an integrated competence of different disciplines. Expand your expertise in this area, successfully shape your future and that of HR work and set groundbreaking standards in recruiting. Register directly for the certificate course "Recruiting Excellence Manager"!

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Imparting scientifically sound knowledge, modern techniques and the use of innovative tools in recruiting enable the optimisation of existing structures and processes


With experienced speakers, exercises and your case study, we promote the transfer of knowledge and generate solutions for your topics.


Blended learning and exclusive insights into current approaches and benchmarks from leading experts provide a broad and advanced orientation for future-relevant potentials


Through joint events on site as well as group exercises and discussions, you can exchange experiences and expand your network


The time commitment and course architecture allow you to continue your education alongside your job and get fit for the challenge, also through our numerous e-learnings

Certificate & 12 ETCS

Your successful final examination in the form of a short project report earns you an HSBA certificate as proof of your new competencies and 12 credit points to be credited towards a degree programme.

September 2024 until March 2025
6× on Friday or Saturday
Online & in person
3,900 euros plus VAT
12 ECTS with successful final examination

Course Content

Recruiting Excellence Manager Certificate Course

In this certificate course you will learn in a scientifically sound, practical way and from A to Z how to align the competitiveness of your organisation on the labour market to current challenges, how to design it sustainably and how to control it in a targeted way. We go through all relevant fields of action and topics: You will learn how to analyse the status quo, derive an effective employer strategy from it and an effective concept for the entire recruitment process. We will show you how to prioritise and implement concrete measures of your concept, which operational issues need to be considered and how to tackle them in a targeted manner. It is important to us that you grow individually on this course and also develop personally. For this purpose, we have additionally selected 18 suitable e-learnings for you.

Modul 1: Einführung und Analyse | Wo stehen wir?

27. September, 14-18:30 Uhr & 28. September, 9-14 Uhr, Hamburg

  • Markttrends und aktuelle Herausforderungen

  • Recruiting-Framework mit seinen wesentlichen Elementen als Wertbeitrag für das Unternehmen

  • Recruiting-Prozessanalyse: Stakeholder, Schwachstellen und Stärken, Key Performance Indicators

  • Zielgruppenanalyse: Candidate Experience und Journey

  • Wettbewerbsanalyse: Arbeitgeberimage, Kommunikation, User Experience, Angebote

  • Impuls: Data Analytics und Künstliche Excellence im Recruiting

Modul 2: Strategieentwicklung | Was macht uns nachhaltig erfolgreich?

19. Oktober, 9-15 Uhr, remote

  • Employer Brand: Value Proposition, Attraktivitätsfaktoren, Markenbild, motivbasierte Kommunikation

  • Candidate Profil und Journey: Empathie Map, Persona, motivbasierte Ansprache, Nutzen, Beziehungsaufbau und Commitment

  • Kanäle: Active + Passive und internes/externes Sourcing

  • Candidate Experience: Auswahl und Schlüssigkeit im Stakeholder-Management

  • Business Plan: Bedarfe, Ressourcen, Kennzahlen

  • Impuls: Fallstudie RISE “Fast und CV-loses Hiring”

Modul 3: Konzeption | Wie erreichen wir die strategischen Ziele?

23. November, 9-15 Uhr, remote

  • Konzeption eines stimmigen Arbeitgeber-Angebots und einer profilierten Employer Story

  • Kreation einer optimalen Candidate Journey mit den relevanten Touchpoints und „Moments of truth“

  • Akzeptierte und valide Auswahl/Diagnostik

  • Prozess Set-Up inkl. Teambuilding, interne Zusammenarbeit und Partnermanagement

  • IT Tools und Big Data / KI (ein Marktüberblick)

  • Impuls: Funnelbilder

Modul 4: Implementierung | Wie setzen wir die Konzeption um?

11. Januar, 9-15 Uhr, remote

  • Optimierungshebel für die Candidate Experience, Sichtbarkeit und Attraktivität priorisieren

  • Konsistente Arbeitgebermarkenkommunikation in allen Teilschritten

  • Kommunikation, insb. Stellenanzeigen, optimieren

  • Auswahlprozess und Diagnostik professionalisieren

  • Onboarding als Basis der Mitarbeiterbindung gestalten

  • Impuls: Intern Stakeholder von Veränderung überzeugen

Modul 5: Evaluation & Steuerung | Wie messen, bewerten und steuern wir?

15. Februar, 9-15 Uhr, remote

  • KPIs und Benchmarking im Employer Branding

  • KPIs und Benchmarking im Recruiting

  • Auswahlinstrumente validieren, Bias vermeiden

  • Quantitative und Qualitative Auswertung der Candidate Journey

  • Kontinuierliche Prozessverbesserungen

  • Impuls: Tracking live – Einsichten vom Branchengigant New Work SE

Modul 6: Abschluss: Individuelles Profil und Prüfung | Welche Kompetenzen habe ich?

29. März, 9-15 Uhr, Hamburg

  • Lernen lernen: Neue erfolgreiche Gewohnheiten

  • Kompetenzen für Recruiting Excellence Manager_innen

  • Individualdiagnostik mit Report

  • Abschlussprüfung: Kurzvorstellung der Projektarbeiten zur eigenen Fallstudie und Einreichung

  • Q&A Forum: Offene Punkte und Unterstützung/Netzwerken

  • Get Together

E-learning for individual qualification

online, each approx. 50-60 min

  • Operational topics: Conducting the job interview; Active listening; Unconscious bias - recognising and reducing prejudices and stereotypes: Leading by Type: Diversity & Inclusion - Leading and promoting diversity: Leading with Empathy

  • Strategic topics: Purpose - With meaning to success; Unleashing bonding power - Turning employees into partners; Customer Centricity - Understanding, inspiring and retaining customers; Making good decisions; Understanding digitalisation; Big Data - Understanding the world of data.

  • Personal topics: Self-motivation; More energy, more performance, more success; Targeted networking; Lateral leadership - leading successfully without a superior function; Giving feedback among colleagues; Conflict management among colleagues

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