Strategic Negotiation

Find out what it takes to plan, negotiate and close a successful deal

Start: On demand

Duration: 2 Days, 16 hours

Format: Virtual event / Face-to-face

Language: German / English

Degree: Certificate

Fees: 1,095 Euros (plus VAT)

Content & Subject Area

Strategic Negotiation: A proactive approach to successful deal-making

  • Raise your awareness of different negotiation settings

  • Understand the value of consistent, active negotiation

  • Analyse and question your own approach to deal making

  • Compare your own approach with those of your peers and learn from each other

  • Understand the multi-faceted nature of successful negotiations

  • Consider what makes a successful negotiator

  • Discover the advantages of negotiation concepts such as BATNA and ZOPA

  • Examine the key elements in each distinct phase of negotiations

  • Focus on the strategic process behind complex deals

  • How to assemble the right stakeholders, identify key issues and design the optimal process

  • Use of case studies to illustrate key learning elements

Added value

  • Improve your performance at the negotiating table

  • Be well-prepared and confident in approaching future negotiations

  • Ability to create value for all parties through negotiations 

  • Complete focus on results by being well-prepared

Your Lecturer

Prof. Dr. Max Johns, HSBA

  • Expert in classical and social media, corporate communication and branding
  • Longstanding, in-depth experience as Managing Director in the media and maritime industries
  • Long-term experience in national/international commercial and political negotiations

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