Building Resilience

How to cope with stressful situations and effectively alter your own behaviour to improve stress management capabilities

Start: On demand

Duration: 1,5 days, Flexible delivery

Format: Virtual event / Face-to-face

Language: German / English

Degree: Certificate

Fees: 950 Euros (plus VAT)

Content & Subject Area

Building resilience

  • Understand why stress can be beneficial as well as detrimental

  • Discuss common types of situation that can induce stress

  • Learn how to understand your own personal stress triggers

  • Discuss positive and negative patterns of behaviour in stressful situations

  • Experience how to counter-act the effects of stress

  • Learn techniques to consciously control your reactions and behaviour

  • Develop your own personal behavioural model for dealing with VUCA events (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity)

  • Learn to control your own perception and to find out more about your beliefs and yourself

  • Find out more about the concept of mindfulness at work

  • Learn how to recognise and understand stress-related behaviour in others  

  • Exchange ideas, opinions and experiences with your peers and broaden your frame of reference

  • Define your own personal development plan to deal with stress

Added value

  • Increased mastery of your reactions to stressful situations

  • Strengthen your control over reactions to stressful situations through improved self-efficacy

  • Demonstrate self-confidence, self-responsibility and willpower at work

  • Profit from your ability to control your own behaviour more effectively

Your Lecturer

Frank Franke

The authorised ActeeChange® consultant focuses on the design of change processes. In addition to projects in the areas of change management and organisational development, Frank Franke offers competence-based training and coaching for managers and teams.

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Hayarpi Manukyan

Hayarpi Manukyan

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+49 40 822160 962

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