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Six Profiles on the Digital Transformation

Your Way to Digital Transformation

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Digitalisation is happening across all sectors and affects all levels of the company. Traditional industries are being fundamentally changed and forced to adapt to remain competitive in the long term.

But most of the time, there is an infinite potential that comes through big data, artificial intelligence, and design thinking. At interfaces between stakeholders, the loss of friction should be minimised without harming creativity.

Everyone wants to be at the forefront of digitalisation. HSBA's Digital Toolbox supports you on the path of your digital transformation.


We make you fit for the digital transformation:

Train your digital skills and acquire the necessary practical know-how for the digital transformation in your company!


Our Digital Toolbox Professional offers you a quick introduction to the topic of digitalisation and prepares you for these challenges in a compact and practical way. In lectures and workshops, speakers with practical experience give you impulses on how to shape and implement the digital transformation in your company.

The modules are offered on an ongoing basis.


Module 1: Digital Strategy

Choosing the right digital strategy for the right situation

  • Recognising strategic challenges and opportunities related to digital transformation
  • Introduction to digital strategy, focusing on the platform economy, ambidexterity and innovation

Module 2: Business Process Innovation

Factors and technologies with a lasting impact on business processes

  • Design of process innovations and preparation for key roles in an organisation’s management of the transformation
  • Introductory workshop covering analysis and design of process transformation, including change management simulation

Module 3: Intrapreneur

Disruption and reinvention of business models

  • Learn methods and skills to support innovative and possibly disruptive processes in existing organisations
  • Introduction to digital strategies and innovative business models
  • Disruption workshop using design thinking methods to transform existing and / or development of new (digital) business models

Module 4: Communication & Marketing Technologies

How and where do I reach my target groups?

  • Presentation and preparation for new forms of communication, new user behaviour and new third-party providers in an increasingly digitalised social media environment
  • Introduction to digital marketing and social media
  • Focus on communication goals, user groups and the influence of digital technologies on your own marketing strategy
  • Determination of target groups: Where to find users and how to reach them

Module 5: Programming & Data Business

Supporting your business case with the right software architecture

  • Understand and apply basic concepts of programming, software architecture and data-based analysis
  • Introduction to the subject of software architecture and its modelling and management concepts
  • Focus on the application of proven software architecture patterns and creating your own first concepts with Java and web services

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