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The JOB & MASTER programme of HSBA

The HSBA Master’s study programmes combine a challenging master’s degree with professional work. All of the HSBA master’s study programmes encourage future executives to think and act strategically and sustainably, thus laying the foundations for professional success. The programmes can be used by companies to qualify their employees while working at the company. There is also the possibility of recruiting talented new staff.

HSBA offers the JOB & MASTER’S programme for this purpose, which is described in more detail below.

How to become a partner company

The JOB & MASTER’S programme is a free service for companies looking for excellently trained employees and wishing to use the MSc programmes to find and train staff. We support companies by means of the individualised placement of graduates with a bachelor’s degree in business and good or very good grades.

Tell us what you need – by phone, fax or e-mail.
In individual cases, the JOB & MASTER's programme also applies to the Executive MBA and the MBA Corporate Management.

Through our JOB & MASTER’S programme, there are various different ways of getting to know university graduates who are looking to launch their professional career in a company in Hamburg.

After your needs have been defined, we can put your offer on our website. You can decide if you want the candidates to send their applications directly to your company or if we should send you qualified candidates from our pool of applicants. Generally you will receive many applications from qualified candidates within a few weeks.

Hiring JOB & MASTER’S candidates is an attractive option compared with recruiting students with master’s degrees who are starting their first job.

The partner company generally pays the course fees and pays remuneration to the students so that they can cover their living expenses. HSBA recommends to employ students on a part-time basis (30 h / week). In the case of candidates with professional experience, the salary must be adjusted accordingly.

JOB & MASTER sample calculation (bachelor’s graduate, no professional experience, 30 h)

     675 € Course fees (partner company)
  1.300 € Salary (gross)
  1.975 € Total/ Month
23.970 € Total / Year

Reduced course fees for JOB & MASTER (M.Sc.) students are EUR 675 per month.

Candidates can start working in the company at any time, and the degree programme starts on 1 October each year.

After you have selected the successful candidate, you conclude an employment agreement with the candidate and a JOB & MASTER’S agreement with HSBA. Then you are a HSBA partner company.

In individual cases, candidates for the Executive MBA and the MBA Corporate Management can also be placed via the JOB & MASTER’S programme.

HSBA’s MBA programmes also receive applications from candidates with extensive work experience who are looking for a new professional challenge in Hamburg. Many companies rate the highly qualified applicants from different disciplines very highly and wish to recruit these applicants for more complex tasks. In such cases, the JOB & MASTER’S programme can also be used for MBA candidates. Please note that salaries may be significantly higher than for MSc candidates, depending on the candidates’ professional experience. We would be happy to advise you in a face-to-face meeting.


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