Financing Options & Funding

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Financing Options

Financial hurdles should not be an obstacle to studying, as a degree at HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration offers you unique career opportunities. However, the completion of a Master's programme requires financial planning. In the following we will give you an overview of the tuition fees and which financing options are available.

Tuition fees at a glance

Study Course Course Fees for the Overall Programme
MSc Business Development 22,500 EUR
MSc Digital Transformation & Sustainability 28,500 EUR
MSc Finance 22,500 EUR
MSc Global Management & Governance 22,500 EUR
MSc Real Estate & Leadership 22.500 EUR
MBA Corporate Management 22,800 EUR
MBA Shipping 19,800 EUR
Executive MBA 30,000 EUR

The course fees are for the overall programme. HSBA alumni and staff at partner companies, JOB & MASTER candidates as well as applicants that apply before 31 May receive a 10% discount.

The course fees include the exam fees but please be aware that costs related to the study trip are not included. Usually the employer pays a part of the course fees.

Attention: Early Bird extension until June 30th:

Due to the Corona crisis, we are extending the Early Bird deadline by one month so that applicants that apply before 30 June receive a 10% discount.

Option 1: Financing with the Support of Employer

If the applicant is already in employment, it may be possible, depending on the company, for the employer to cover most of the tuition fees.

HSBA’s JOB & MASTER programme is a free placement service for applicants of our MSc programmes (MBA only upon request) still looking for employment. If you are eligible to join the placement service, HSBA will assist you finding a job. Please note that not all students may be eligible to take part. Please inform us if you are interested in the JOB & MASTER programme, so we can advise you accordingly. 

Option 2: Financing with the Support of Chancen eG: Income Share Agreement

Study now – pay later

With Income Share Agreements (ISA) tuition fees are financed in whole or in part* by CHANCEN eG. In return, starting from a fixed annual minimum income, the student will repay a fixed share of his income to the Chancen eG after completing his studies. The concept envisages that student repayments can be used to fund study places for future generations using the same model. On the website of Chancen eG you can find further information. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

*Partial financing is possible from a minimum funding limit of EUR 8,100.

Option 3: Financing from Own Funds

Of course, you can also finance your studies yourself. There are some options to support you:

General Scholarships

As part of the HSBA study funding programme, a maximum funding of 50% of tuition fees is possible.

In special cases 100% of the course fees are offered to particularly eligible applicants for the Executive MBA. HSBA hereby particularly supports applicants with the following backgrounds:

  • Expatriates and international professionals
  • Women in Leadership: (future) female leaders
  • Practitioners with relevant work-experience without a first university degree
  • Professionals from small- and medium-sized as well as family-owned companies

All candidates should add a separate motivation letter to their application, in which their special suitability for the scholarship is explained. Please find further information below:

MSc Business Development

MSc Digital Transformation & Sustainability

MSc Finance

MSc Global Management & Governance

MSc Real Estate & Leadership (only in cooperation with the Real Estate & Leadership Foundation)

MBA Corporate Management

MBA Shipping

Executive MBA


The "Deutschlandstipendium" scholarships are awarded based on performance and amount to EUR 300 per month. 50% stem from public funding from the German government and 50% from the university's own private funding. For further information please take a look at the specific information and regulations regarding the "Deutschlandstipendium". 

For further funding needs, HSBA students may qualify for other scholarships. A good place to look for the most appropriate scholarship is To find a suitable foundation, please check the platform When choosing a scholarship, always make sure that students of part-time Master's programmes are eligible to apply.

The following banks offer student loans on special terms:


Deutsche Bank

Hamburger Sparkasse

Further information on the topic can be found on the websites and the CHE-Studienkredit-Test 2016. Please be aware that these websites are only available in German.

Study Course Specific Scholarships

The HSBA awards a full scholarship in the amount of 22,500 EURO to a particularly eligible applicant from among the banking association member institutions. The MSc Finance degree programme will start on 1 October. The application deadline for the Bankenverband-Scholarship is 31 July. Applicants apply for the study place and the scholarship directly to HSBA with the keyword "Bankenverband-Scholarship". Just in time for the start of the study course, the Bankenverband announces the winner of the scholarship.

The financing plan of HSBA and the Real Estate and Leadership Foundation e.V. can partially cover the tuition fees for the MSc Real Estate & Leadership for students who work a maximum of 20 hours/week for example within the framework of the REaL Practice Partnership Programme.

Funding is available for applicants who have submitted a meaningful and convincing application and successfully completed the HSBA admission process. The reduction in tuition fees is usually 60% of the total tuition fee and is granted together with the admission to the programme. The guidelines of the Real Foundation funding can be found here.

To apply for the scholarship, please add the following documents to your application for the programme:

  • A letter of recommendation from your current or recent employer and an academic reference.
  • A further letter of motivation for the grant application in which the applicant explains why they qualify for a grant and what they would like to achieve in the short, medium and long term, based on the degree programme and grant, with regard to their own social responsibility.

As an accredited student for the MSc Real Estate & Leadership, the REaL Practice Partnership Programme gives you the unique opportunity to gain a variety of insights into companies across a range of disciplines and thus further enhance the interdisciplinarity of your studies. In three to six months of employment, you can either apply to a classic working student activity in day-to-day business or you will be given a current practical task to deal with in the company. With this you can also finance a significant part of your studies, as you are remunerated at an hourly rate of 15€ and can work up to 20 hours a week outside the attendance hours of the study course.

Please feel free to contact us if you require further information.

The Immobilien Zeitung awards a full-time scholarship of 22,500 euros for the MSc Real Estate & Leadership course at HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration.
for a particularly worthy applicant!

This awaits the IZ scholarship holder:

  • Full-time scholarship in the amount of 22.500€
  • Premium package of the real estate newspaper
  • Invitation to Wiesbaden in the headquarters of the IZ
  • Participation in career, IZ and Heuer dialogue events
  • Taster day/week before or during your studies at IZ (e.g. editing, data editing, marketing & sales etc.)

We expect the following from the IZ scholarship holder:

  • Every month a qualified experience report or blog post (What have I experienced during my studies, what were the contents of the lectures, how am I doing, what experiences have I had with my professors, fellow students, etc.). The minimum length is 2,500 characters with spaces. The article will then be published on
  • Visit and get to know the Immobilien Zeitung in Wiesbaden in our head office.

To apply, please enclose an additional letter of motivation for the scholarship with your application. This should explain why the junior real estate students should offer you the scholarship:

  • I am particularly suitable for the course of studies and the scholarship, because...
  • With the scholarship, I would...
  • I am involved socially/voluntarily in the area ...., because ....

Please send all your application documents to masters.admissions(at) Please note that the application deadline is 15 July.

Further information can be found here: Please be aware that this information is currently only available in German, if you need assistance, please get in touch!

The VDI Hamburger Bezirksverein e.V. joins forces with HSBA to award a full study place for one member of VDI Bezirksverein Hamburg for a place on one of HSBA’s MBA programmes.

MBA studies start in October. Please send us your completed application by post or by e-mail no later than 31 July. Then the HSBA application phase with a telephone interview and an admission day begins. The decision on the scholarship will be taken by 31 August.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any specific questions.

Please be aware that applying for this study place does not mean that you have been admitted to the MBA programme. The scope of funding will be made transparent before the agreement is concluded.

Please send your application to:
HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration
Alexander Freier
Alter Wall 38, 20457 Hamburg, Germany
Telephone: +49 (0)40 36138 743