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JOB & MASTER Placement Service Overview

Jana Tolle

JOB & MASTER Programme

JOB & MASTER is a free-of-charge placement service for applicants who wish to combine a challenging academic education at HSBA and valuable professional experience. In cooperation with renowned companies in Hamburg, we look for (bachelor’s) graduates who want to be employed as junior staff member in the company while completing the part-time MSc degree. An aim of the programme is that students should stay employed at the companies after finishing their studies.

The offer is particularly suitable for candidates of our MSc programmes Business Development, Digital Transformation & Sustainability, Finance, Global Management and Governance and the MSc Real Estate & Leadership as the programmes focus on entry level positions

Availability of the JOB & MASTER Programme

MSc Business Development Yes
MSc Digital Transformation & Sustainability Yes
MSc Finance Yes
MSc Global Management & Governance Yes
MSc Real Estate & Leadership Yes
MBA Corporate Management In individual cases
MBA Shipping No
Executive MBA In individual cases

JOB & MASTER Candidates

The JOB & MASTER programme is aimed at graduates with (bachelor’s) degrees in business and economics. In order to be included in our placement service, candidates must have good or very good pre-existing business knowledge and very good English skills. Also practical experience in form of internships or similar is of an advantage. German may be required depending on the job profile.

Being the university of Hamburg's business community, HSBA´s JOB & MASTER programme has the following restrictions:

  • JOB & MASTER candidates should not have an employment contract with a Hamburg based company
  • HSBA does not foster company changes during the studies, i.e. JOB & MASTER students should be employed by the same employer over the whole studies period
  • We only accept candidates with a high expected employability in Hamburg based companies

Admission and Placement Process

The candidates apply to the JOB & MASTER programme with their written application to the master programme. The personal and professional suitability for JOB & MASTER is assessed during the three-stage HSBA admission process. If the candidate assessed is suitable and accepted onto the study programme, the placement process starts immediately after enrolment for the respective master's degree course. The applicant’s profile is published in our candidates catalogue and thus made accessible to a large number of companies.

Additionally, he/she is also matched to one of the job profiles advertised or can apply directly to our partner companies for jobs that they have advertised.

If necessary, HSBA can also support each applicant individually in preparing non-solicited applications and by helping applicants to improve their applications. Companies that are interested generally arrange a detailed job interview with suitable candidates.


Candidates are usually employed to work on a part-time basis (30 h/week) and therefore can be a part of all relevant processes and projects in the company.

A long-term employment even after finishing the studies is the explicit aim of the JOB & MASTER programme.

Students and companies negotiate on the content of the employment agreement (scope, salary, percentage of course fees to be paid by the employer), with the partner company generally paying for the course fees and paying the student a salary that will cover his/her living expenses (cp. the sample calculation). HSBA is not involved in the contract negotiations, but recommends that the students has enough time to follow the study programme, e.g. by being employed to work on a part-time basis (30 h/week).

The study fees within the JOB & MASTER programme on the MSc Global Management and Governance are reduced by 10%. In the MSc study courses Global Management & Governance, Business Development and Finance the study fees are 675 Euro per month, whereas for the MSc Digital Transformation & Sustainability as well as for the MBA Corporate Management study fees are 855 Euro per month. Study fees in the Executive MBA are reduced to 1.125 Euro per month.

JOB & MASTER Sample Calculation (bachelor graduate, no professional experience, 30h/week)

Salary of the employee (gross) 1.300 Euro
Study fees (Cooperating Company)) 675 Euro
Individualised placement service Free of charge
Total/month 1.975 Euro