Chiara Hübscher

Short Profile

Since October 2019, Chiara Hübscher has been working on her doctorate on the topic of "Marketing Education for Sustainable Development" and is being supervised by Prof. Dr Susanne Hensel-Börner (HSBA) and Prof. Dr Jörg Henseler (University of Twente). Her research focuses on the interrelationship between marketing and sustainability. In this context, she addresses the question of how future marketing managers can be trained as change agents for sustainable development.

After obtaining a Bachelor's degree from EBC Hochschule Hamburg, Ms Hübscher completed the part-time Master of Science in Global Management & Governance with a focus on Marketing at HSBA. From 2015 to 2021, she worked as Senior Manager Student Recruitment & Company Relations at HSBA, where she was responsible for the Master's programme Digital Transformation & Sustainability, among other things. At the beginning of 2022, Ms Hübscher moved to a savings bank where she now works as an executive assistant and sustainability manager.

Research Areas

  • Marketing education
  • Sustainability marketing / macro-marketing / social marketing
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Journal articles (refereed)

Hübscher, Chiara, Susanne, Hensel-Börner, and Jörg Henseler. 2021. "Social marketing and higher education: partnering to achieve sustainable development goals." Journal of Social Marketing  12 (1): 76-104.

Conference presentations

Österle, Benjamin, Chiara Hübscher, Susanne Hensel-Börner, and Jörg Henseler. 2023. "A Research Agenda on the UN Sustainable Development Goals in B2B Branding: An Abstract." Presentation held at the Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference, New Orleans, USA, 17-19 May 2023.