Prof. Dr. Sinika Studte

Professor of Business Administration

Short Profile

Sinika Studte has been Professor of Business Administration at HSBA in the Marketing Transformation Department since April 2022.

After completing her commercial training as a publishing house clerk, Professor Studte studied Business Administration at the University of Hamburg with a scholarship from Axel Springer AG. Her main areas of study were marketing, sociology, industrial management and business English. Following her studies, Sinika Studte worked for more than 10 years in various management positions at Axel Springer AG. She worked as Sales Director at the newspaper group BILD and as Head of Sales & Marketing at the newspaper group Hamburg GmbH (Hamburger Abendblatt, DIE WELT Hamburg). After the birth of her second child, Ms Studte decided to do a doctorate and completed her doctorate on the topic of "Donor Motivation and Donor Relationship Management - Essays on Prosocial Behaviour" at the Chair of Marketing & Media at the University of Hamburg under Professor Clement in February 2022.


  • Media Management
  • Media Markets & Products
  • Human Resources Management
  • Statistics
  • Quantitative Methods (Tutorial)
  • Marketing Management

Research Areas

  • Communication Policy
  • Motivation and Motivation Theories
  • Marketing Interventions & Incentives
  • Prosocial Behaviour


Journal articles (refereed)

Veseli, Besarta, Sabrina Sandner, Sinika Studte, and Michel Clement. 2022. "The Impact of COVID-19 on Blood Donations." PLOS ONE  17(3): .

Veseli, Besarta, Elena Koch, Meikel Soliman, Sabrina Sandner, Sinika Studte, and Michel Clement. 2021. "The role of affect, satisfaction, and internal drive on personal moral norms during COVID-19." ISBT Science Series  16(2): 158-167.

Studte, Sinika, Michel Clement, Meikel Soliman, and Silke Boenigk. 2019. "Blood donors and their changing engagement in other prosocial behaviors." The Journal of AABB / Transfusion  59(3): 1002-1015.