Logistics Management @Airbus with our HSBA alumnus Julian Thormählen.

At HSBA, he was known and loved as a dedicated student speaker, focused student and entertaining host of the HSBA Insights event series: Julian Thormählen was one of the first to study Logistics Management (BSc) at our partner company Airbus from 2019 to 2022. Since his successful graduation, he has been responsible for the parts supply of Airbus' final assembly lines in China and the USA as Global Material Manager. We talked to him about his Logistics Management studies, his daily challenges and his personal study highlights. 

Dear Julian, congratulations on your new position! Since you have your Bachelor's degree in your pocket, you are Global Material Manager at Airbus, what exactly does that mean? What do you do all day long?

As Global Material Manager, I am responsible for the supply of parts to the final assembly lines in China and the USA. My colleagues and I are the interface between purchasing and logistics on site and ensure that the aircraft parts are available in time for the start of the station. Especially in times of supply chain crises caused by Corona or the aftermath of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal, this means new challenges every day. Because a production stop must be avoided at all costs.

Why did you actually want to study Logistics Management? And how did you find Airbus?

For some time now, I have been interested in the topic of traffic, transport and logistics in general, especially from the point of view of today's challenges (climate, urbanisation, etc.). Logistics as a degree programme offers the opportunity to receive a broad education in business administration, but at the same time to specialise at an early stage.

In my application phase, I saw Airbus as a global company as an ideal partner, as it offers sufficient resources and opportunities to develop broadly. And all this on the basis of an exciting product.

How would you describe the training at Airbus, in which areas do you actually work at Airbus after graduation and what is the support like?

The nice thing about Airbus as a partner company is the flexibility to go into any area you can imagine. This ranges from production-related areas in Finkenwerder, to management staff positions, to an assignment at the Toulouse plant or Mobile, AL in the USA, for example. I received a friendly welcome in every area, as "dualis" are always welcome. So if you express your wishes and ideas, address them to the right people and pursue them with vigour, there are hardly any limits at Airbus.

Did your studies prepare you well for the working world and your current job? 

Above all, the practical part of my studies was worth its weight in gold for my current job. As a high school graduate, I stumbled straight into my studies and was initially a little overwhelmed by the new environment. Over time, however, I was able to get used to the processes and the working environment, improve steadily and now start my job as a fully-fledged team member without a long training phase. Of course, we were given the theoretical and methodological basics during our semesters at HSBA, which made for a well-rounded package.

What do you remember most fondly when you think back to your studies?

The moments and memories with my fellow students are particularly special about my time at university. Even if Corona threw a spanner in the works, the numerous parties, sporting events and breaks were the ideal balance to the often stressful everyday life of studying.

Another very special experience was my assignment abroad at the Airbus final assembly line in Mobile, Alabama. Those were definitely the most educational and exciting three months of my studies.

Your advice for other dual students / Logistics Management students at HSBA?

Just do it! Enrolling at HSBA is the first step towards a promising career in global business. Then it is up to each and every individual to take their own future into their own hands and shape it according to their own wishes. In doing so, one should not wait for success to be dropped in one's lap. However, as soon as the goal is in sight, the dual study programme at HSBA offers the best framework for achieving it with your own steps. I am convinced of that.


Are you also interested in a Bachelor Logistics Management and would like to ask Julian your questions personally? Then register now for the Info Session at the Airbus site (incl. plant tour) on 7 February. Julian will be there to answer your questions!