Digital Marketing: Textbook by HSBA professors now in second edition

Thanks to great interest and very high call-off figures, our HSBA professors Goetz Greve and Dennis Ahrholdt as well as Prof. Dr. Gregor Hopf have reissued their book "Online Marketing Intelligence: Success Factors, Key Figures and Control Concepts for Practice-Oriented Digital Marketing". The 2nd edition is significantly expanded, more precise in a practice-oriented way and receives several new chapters and sections, innovative tips as well as findings from over 30 new empirical research papers. 


"We are really pleased about the great interest in our book - there have been over 260,000 digital hits since the first publication in 2019! This is also one of the reasons why the renowned Springer Gabler Verlag invited us to publish a new edition," the two marketing professors Dennis Ahrholdt and Gotz Greve comment. "We have fundamentally revised the new edition and also added new chapters, for example on comprehensive success control or influencer marketing, so that the book remains a valuable companion for students and entrepreneurs.” 

The book offers a wealth of valuable recommendations for action and tips for practice as well as a hitherto unique overview of the key performance indicators for the most important instruments in digital marketing. The authors describe over 170 online marketing KPIs that can be used in different contexts and along the customer journey. In this way, they provide assistance for powerful online marketing analytics. The goal: to achieve the best possible attribution and continuous optimisation despite increasing complexity in performance marketing. The examination of the individual instruments is based on the results of over 200 empirical research studies. This provides marketing decision-makers with certainty about interdependencies as well as new ideas for the promising design of their marketing instruments and marketing campaigns. 

From the content 

  • KPIs and success factors for display marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, website or online shop marketing 
  • Comprehensive view of online marketing activities 
  • User-friendly compilation of the essential findings from research for practical use 
  • Original tips for successful online marketing 
  • Recommendations for the development of online marketing intelligence 


Ahrholdt, Dennis, Goetz Greve and Gregor Hopf. 2023. Online-Marketing-Intelligence. Kennzahlen, Erfolgsfaktoren und Steuerungskonzepte im Online-Marketing. Wiesbaden: Gabler Verlag. DOI: 0.1007/978-3-658-40599-1.