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Advisory services for existing and future cooperation partners

Your company does not yet cooperate with us and you would like to learn more? Here you can find all the information about our offers. Or are you a representative of a cooperation partner and would like to discuss something with us? Our programme managers are at your disposal here!

More than 300 partner companies already benefit from our offers. Recruit, qualify and bind the best high school graduates and master students with us. Take advantage of our further education offers to qualify your best employees to fit in perfectly with your company and thus remain capable of acting in the face of structural change.
How do companies cooperate with the HSBA? How much do our training programmes cost and how does recruitment work? We look forward to answering these and other questions.

If you would like to participate in our free Online Info Session, please register using the registration form.

Questions?Klaus Waubke HSBA
Klaus Waubke HSBA

Klaus Waubke

Senior Manager Student Recruitment & Company Relations
+49 40 822160-933

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